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City of Lufkin Animal Services employees are members of the Southwest Texas Animal Care and Control Association. Animal Service employees are also certified with the association.

City of Lufkin Animal Services employees are also members of the National Animal Control Association


Texas Department of Health Zoonosis Control - Diseases transmisable to man from animals.




We are thrilled you want to adopt a pet from a shelter.  You are welcome to come in and spend time with adoptable animals, and even bring your own vaccinated pet with you to see how it gets along with an animal you are considering adopting.  A few things to consider:


·         Have you researched what kind and breed of animal you are considering?


·         What activity level do you want in a pet?  Some breeds are very active.


·         A pet can live many years, and adopting is a long term commitment.


·         The shelter tries to assess health and temperament, and provides some vaccinations, but

          annot guarantee temperament or health. 


·     State law requires all dogs and cats adopted from shelters get spayed and neutered. Adopted animals that are not spayed or neutered prior to adoption are returned to the shelter to have surgery, which is included in the adoption fee. Some adopters choose to have it done at their own vet at their expense.


·     The shelter files charges against those who fail to have the adopted animal spayed/neutered as agreed to in the adoption contract.


Steps to Adopting:


·         View Adoptable Animals.


·         Come to the shelter and spend time with animals.


·         Fill out the Adoption Application.


·         Once approved, sign the Adoption Contract and schedule the spay/neuter surgery.


·         A fence check may be required for some animals prior to adoption approval.


·         If you rent, a landlord letter is required before adoption approval.


·         Pay the adoption fee, which is $60 for dogs & cats under 7 years and $35 for senior pets 7

          years and older.


·         Provide a safe, loving home.


·         Heartworm testing is only done by request and is $8 per animal and nonrefundable.


·         Microchipping is available for an additional expense.