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City of Lufkin Animal Services employees are members of the Southwest Texas Animal Care and Control Association. Animal Service employees are also certified with the association.

City of Lufkin Animal Services employees are also members of the National Animal Control Association


Texas Department of Health Zoonosis Control - Diseases transmisable to man from animals.



1901 Hill Street, Lufkin, TX 75904  936-633-0218


Primary & Elementary School

Educational Programs


  • Bite Prevention Responsibility

  • Pets




Pet Safety for Toddlers

Short program for short attention spans. How to handle puppies and kitties, do's and don'ts around pets. We have done this program in Day Care Centers.


 "Critter Camp"

Or summer youth education program "Critter Camp will be in June and/or July this year. Watch for more information on our web site or call Animal Services at 633-0218 for registration and more information.


Pet Offenders Class

First offenders of Lufkin's Animal Control Ordinances are allowed the opportunity to take this class instead of paying a fine for violations. The option for attendance is upon the recommendation of either Municipal Court or the Animal Control Officer that filed the complaint, the cost is $25      

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