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City of Lufkin Animal Services employees are members of the Southwest Texas Animal Care and Control Association. Animal Service employees are also certified with the association.

City of Lufkin Animal Services employees are also members of the National Animal Control Association


Texas Department of Health Zoonosis Control - Diseases transmisable to man from animals.




Do you pick up strays outside the corporate city limits of Lufkin?

City of Lufkin Animal Control only works inside the city limits of Lufkin. Angelina County Sheriff’s Office, Diboll, Hudson, and Huntington have their own Animal Control Officers and each have their own ordinances and state laws to enforce. They bring animals they pick up to our shelter. You can bring strays to the shelter at no charge if you are a resident of Angelina County.

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Where is the animal services and adopton center located?

The City of Lufkin’s Kurth Memorial Animal Services and Adoption Center is located at 1901 Hill Street. Hill Street runs between Raquet and Frank Streets. The service cneter is behind the Texas Foundry and close to Morris-Frank Park

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What hours are you open to the public ?

The front entrance to the shelter is for adoptions and reclaiming pets. The hours for this entrance are from 10:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed Sunday. The side entrance is for animal surrenders/receiving only and the hours for this office is 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and closed Sunday. (Both lobbies are closed during city recognized holidays)

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Do we spay and/or neuter dogs and cats?

The Humane Society of Angelina County has a low cost spay and neuter assistance program for qualified applicants. They can be reached at 639-1880.

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Do you have a veterinarian on staff ?

No, Animal Control does not have a veterinarian on staff.  The city contracts with Southwood Animal Clinic to come to the shelter bi-weekly to do surgeries on adopted animals. For medical and/or health questions concerning your pet consult a local veterinarian. 
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Do we have a adoption program ?

Yes, we do adopt animals. Adoption fees are $60 for all ages cats and dogs. Adoption fee includes first shots (excluding rabies), first worming and spaying or neutering. (Spaying and neutering is mandatory by state law.) You can view some of our adoptable animals on our web site.

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Is the Humane Society and the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter the Same?

No the City of Lufkin Animal Services is located at the Kurth Memorial Animal Services and Adoption Center, 1901 Hill Street, and the Humane Society is located at 1102 North John Redditt. City of Lufkin Animal Services and the Humane Society of Angelina County are two different organizations.

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Is there a leash law on cats?

No there is not a leash law on cats at this time. Cats are required to be collared and wear a current rabies tag inside the city limits of Lufkin. Ordinances do provide enforcement of cats that offensive or a health hazard by reason of noise, odor, sanitary conditions, and/or if they are creating a nuisance]

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Is there a leash law in the unincorporated areas of Angelina County.?

No there is not a leash law in the unincorporated areas of Angelina County. However, dogs and cats are still required by state law to be vaccinated against rabies annually by a licensed veterinarian.  Angelina county does have a dangerous dog ordinance that protects both people and small domestic animals.]

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How long do we hold animals?

The length of time for holding animals varies. Lufkin city ordinance requires that dogs that are wearing a current rabies tag to be held for 5 days, dogs not wearing a collar and tag are to be held for 3 days.  There is no mandatory holding time for cats. Dogs and/or cats brought in by one of the six contracting cities (Groveton, Hemphill, Huntington, Hudson, Diboll, and Wells) are held 3 days. If an animal is injured and suffering or has a contagious disease, the animal can be euthanized upon arrival at the animal shelter.
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Can injured or orphaned wildlife be Turned into the shelter?


Yes. Many babies are turned into the shelter each year that probably were not orphaned. Many times, if you leave the baby where you find it and watch from a distance, the mother will come get it. Baby squirrel often fall from trees but the moms are usually nearby and come to their rescue. Baby deer stay alone much of the day while the mother grazes, but she is always nearby. Many baby deer are taken from their mothers each year, needlessly. A baby’s best chance at survival is when you leave it with the mom. Also remember that some animal diseases are transmittable from animals to humans and domestic animals. Its illegal to possess wildlife without the required state and federal permits. If you do pick up an injured or orphaned animal, it must be turned over to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.


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