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City of Lufkin Animal Services employees are members of the Southwest Texas Animal Care and Control Association. Animal Service employees are also certified with the association.

City of Lufkin Animal Services employees are also members of the National Animal Control Association


Texas Department of Health Zoonosis Control - Diseases transmisable to man from animals.





Come to the Animal Services and Adoption Center and look for your lost pet as soon as possible. You can also check online at to see photos of animals at the shelter. Not every animal will be on the website, so you should still come to the shelter in person. Holding periods for strays are very short, and some sick, injured, and feral animals may only be held hours. It is recommended you visit the shelter daily for a lost pet. Other things you can do to help your pet get back home:

• Talk to your neighbors and see if anyone has seen your pet
• Search neighborhoods and surrounding areas
• Post Lost posters with your pet’s photo and information on how to reach you
• Notify local shelters, vet clinics, and nearby businesses
• Run a lost ad in newspapers with photos of your pet

There are preventative measures you can take before your pet goes missing. We recommend:

• Keep current photos of your pet, full body photos, side and front profiles.
• Keep a collar and ID tag on your pet, as well as a rabies tag.
• Microchip your pet
• Keep fences maintained so pets don’t escape.


Many strays are owned by someone, so don’t keep any animal you find without first trying to locate the owner. We suggest:

• Talk to neighbors about found pet
• Post Found posters with animal photo and your contact information
• Run Found Ad in newspapers
• Check with local shelters to see if pet was reported missing, and leave your contact info
• If you turn a found pet in to a animal services and adoption center, provide the shelter workers info on where the pet was found.
• If you live inside city limits of the City of Lufkin, you can call the animalservices and adoption center and request the animal be picked up.
• If the animal is loose in your neighborhood and you live inside the City of Lufkin, call animal services at (936) 633-0218.