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Comments by individual reporting the sighting

Common Loon M 2/11/09 Broaddus end of 147 bridge, Sam Rayburn Loon was feeding on shad
Red Headed Wood Pecker   5/15/04 Julie Creek, Sam Rayburn A single wood pecker was on a sweet gum tree
Bald Eagle   1/15/06 Monerrey Park, Sam Rayburn 3 Eagles spotted near Monerrey Park soaring.
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak M 5/03/04 South of Huntington, TX Sighted on Backyard Feeders
Painted Bunting M 5/02/04 South of Huntington, TX Sighted on Backyard Feeders
Common Loon   Mar 2004 Mud Creek, Lake Sam Rayburn A single loon was around the island in the mouth of Mud Creek.
American White Pelican   1/11/06 Phophers Creek, Lake Sam Rayburn 12-15 pelicans were near the Monterrey ramp in Phophers Creek.
Bald Eagle   Mar 2009 Calhoun Point, Lake Sam Rayburn A single eagle was perched on a pine tree on Calhoun point.
Bald Eagle   Dec 2003 Hueing Park off hwy 103 The birds were flying out over the water near the park
Osprey   late spring 2003 Sandy Creek Camping Area The bird swooped down to the water, caught a large fish, flew to a near by tree to eat the fish then flew off overhead
Bald Eagle ? 4/20/2003 Kurth Lake This eagle was perched in a large pine tree at the edge of the water.
Pileated Woodpecker ? 5/1/2009 Fairview area  

Rose Breasted Grosbeak


5/1/2003 backyard feeder in Lufkin Believe this is unusual as I would have
expected all to have completed migration by now.
House Finch (male and juvenile) M 5/5/03 backyard feeder in Lufkin At feeders in our back yard.  Usually don't expect that house finches would be this far south in the late spring/early summer.  Believe them to be nesting nearby, as my wife saw male feeding what apparently was young at feeder.
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