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Genus/ Species Common Name Hght. Wdt. Special landscape qualities
Fagus grandiflora American Beech 50-70' 40-70' grandeur tree with golden bronze fall color
Ilex opaca American Holly 20-50' 18-40' choose a superior cultivar with red, yellow, or orange-red berries,
Taxodium distichum Bald Cypress 50-70' 20-30 distinctive texture and form, -interesting knees at base of trunk, -plant wet or dry areas
Magnolia macrophylla Bigleaf magnolia 30-40'   creamy white fragrant blooms in June, 8-10" across-bright green leaves 12-32'lg, 7-12"w
Prunus serotina Black Cherry 50-60'   white blooms in May, yellow or red fall color
Juglans Nigra Black Walnut 50-75' 50-75' prized for it's wood, a nice shade tree
Nyssa sylvatica Blackgum or Tupelo 40-75' 40-60' one of our best for red fall color, pyramid shape, bark interest
Juniperus virginiana Eastern Red Cedar 40-50' 8-20' one of a few southern conifers, aromatic foliage and bark
Magnolia fraseri Fraser Magnolia 30-40' 30-40' bold large-leaf Magnolia, striking medium green leaves
Gordonia lasianthus Gordonia, Loblolly Bay 30-60' 20-30' evergreen, leathery, glossy leaves, -fragrant white blooms, May to Sept.
Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locust 30-70'   greenish-yellow, fragrant blooms; needs filtered shade; thornless varieties available
Quercus virginiana Live Oak 40-80' 60-95' very large, long lived, evergreen oak, NEEDS A LARGE SITE, faster growth with regular watering, over planted
Magnolia virginiana Loblolly 40-60' 30-60' fragrant white blooms in early summer, -the best Magnolia for wet soil
Acer rubrum Maple, Red 40-60' 40-60 fall color but inconsistent, ranges from yellow to orange to red,
Acer saccharum Maple, Sugar 60-75' 40-60 fall-brilliant yellow to burnt orange,  a few red; 'Mosely's' from LA red & yellow
Quercus marcrocarpa Oak, Burr 70-80' 70-90' long lived w/massive branches & large crown, large decorative acorns
Quercus muhlenbergii Oak, Chinkapin 40-60' 50-80' yellow to orangish-brown fall color
Quercus falcata Oak, Red 60-75' 60-75' leaves turn red in fall, spring growth-dusty bronze-red, shallow root system. 
Quercus shumardii Oak, Shumard Red 40-60' 40-60' russet-red fall color
Quercus michauxii Oak, Swamp Chestnut 60-100 60-100 pale, silvery, gray bark,- vivid red fall color, leaves emerge yellow in early spring
Quercus alba Oak, White 70-90' 60-80' aristocratic oak with rich red fall color and gray, plated bark, appears to be peeling
Quercus phellos Oak, Willow 40-60' 30-40' leaves turn bronze/yellow to orange/yellow in fall, tolerates heat, drought, stress
Pinus taeda Pine, Loblolly 60-90' 40-60' fast growing, quick screen, effective with hardwoods
Pinus palustris Pine, Long leaf 80-100 40-60' elegant pine w/long, arching needles,-needs sandy soil, slow growing
Magnolia pyramidata Pyramid Magnolia 20-35' 15-25' Rare but wonderful medium sized Magnolia
Betula nigra River Birch 40-70' 40-60' multitrunked; arching branches, -papery, peeling bark, don't plant close to buildings
Sassafras albidium Sassafras 30-50' 20-40' sun/part shade; large mitten leaves and yellow to deep orange to scarlet flaming fall color
Pinus echinata Short leaf 50-80' 40-60' short tuffs of needles allow sun to filter through to understory, dry soil
Magnolia grandiflora Southern Magnolia 68-80' 30-50' Estate tree for those with space to grow it, smaller cultivars available, large white blooms
Liquidambar styraciflua Sweetgum 60-70' 40-50' great fall color -rich yellow-red-purple leaves, 'Rotundiloba' fruitless/fall color less striking
Platanus occidentalis Sycamore 70-100 65-80' massive branches, large leaves,-bark effective w/ cream, olive, light brown
Liriodendron tulipifera      Tulip Tree 70-90' 35-50' aristocratic tree with greenish yellow blooms and golden yellow fall color
Nyssa aquatica Water Tupelo 40-60' 40-60' for wet sights, larger leaf and fruit, more open and narrower crown Sylvatica.
Quercus polymorpha Monterrey Oak 40-60' 40-50' fast growing, almost evergreen, also sold as Mexican White oak
Quercus risophylla Evergreen Oak 30' 30-40' Leathery evergreen leaves, a great smaller oak