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Genus/species Common Name Ht. Wdt. Special Interest
Carpinus caroliniana American Hornbeam 20-30' 20-30' variable fall color from yellow to orange to red
Styrax americanus American Snowbell 6-8' 3-4' white bell shaped blooms which hang down in May -June, full sun w/ irrigation
Magnolia ashei Ashe Magnolia 15-30' 15-30' large-leaf Magnolia with bold medium green leaves
Viburnum prunifolium Blackhaw Viburnum 12-20' 8-12' spring-white blooms with yellow stamens, reddish purple fall color
Crataegus brachyacantha Blueberry Hawthorn 6-15' 15-25' white blooms, late spring, fall color and fruits, susceptible to rust
Halesia carolina Carolina Silverbell 30-40' 20-35' white , pendulous, bell shaped flowers in spring
Acer leucoderme Chalkbark Maple 20-25' 20-25' multistemmed with gray bark, -leaves turn scarlet, orange,&  gold , in the fall
Ilex cassine Dahoon Holly 20-25' 10-20' long, slender evergreen leaves give distinction to this holly
Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow 15-20' 15-20 summer blooming, heat/ drought tolerant, varieties w/ white, pink, or burgundy-substitute for Crepe Myrtle
Cornus florida Dogwood 20-40' 20-40' white bracts in spring, reddish-purple fall color, berries in winter, alligator bark/ likes good drainage and water
Amelanchier arborea Downy Serviceberry 15-25' varies multistemmed, adaptable to wet/dry and pH-white sp flowers, yellow-orange fall color, edible fruit
Sophora affinis Eve's Necklace 15-25' 8-15' white spring blooms, decorative beaded fruit hangs like a necklace
Chionanthus virginicus Fringetree 12-20' 14-20 slightly fragrant fluffy white panicles of bloom in early spring; - underused, hard to find, hard to propagate
Crataegus opaca Mayhaw 6-15' 6-15' white blooms Feb.- March, fruit matures late April-May
Prunus Mexicana Mexican Plum 10-15' 20-40' harbinger of spring with fragrant white blooms , attracts bees
Crataegus marshallii Parsley Hawthorn 15-20' 15-25' white blooms with red anthers in spring, -red fruit, -scarlet fall color
Ilex decidua Possumhaw 20-30' 15-25' red berries appear to glow as leaves fall on this deciduous holly (female)
Aesculus pavia Red Buckeye 20-25' 20-25 red flower spikes in spring which attract butterflies-yellow to deep red fall color
Cercis canadensis Redbud 20-30' 25-35 reddish purple buds in early spring, 'Forest Pansy' is purple leafed
Viburnum rufidulum Rusty Blackhaw 10-20' 8-12' buds covered with rusty red fuzz, rich burgundy fall color
Acer barbatum Southern sugar maple 20-25' 20-25 bright yellow fall color
Halesia diptera v. magniflora Two-winged Silver Bell 20-30' 20-35' white , pendulous, bell shaped flowers in spring
Myrica cerifera Wax Myrtle 15-20' 10-20' evergreen, pale blue waxy fruit fall and winter, eaten by variety of birds
Ilex verticillata Winterberry 6-15' 6-10' many  varieties available with red or yellow berries, requires male & female
Hamamelis virginiana Witch hazel 20-30' 20-25' yellow, fragrant flowers in fall, leaves turn yellow
Ilex vomitoria Yaupon 20-25' 20-25' multitrunked evergreen w/red berries on female, pale gray bark