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The City of Lufkin is located in the heart of the Pineywoods of deep East Texas a region known for its Pine and hardwood forests and blessed with the richest botanical diversity in the state of Texas. The citizens of Lufkin have a long history of appreciating this legacy and placing importance on preserving mature trees and planting new trees. 

By contrast, Lubbock is located on the South Plains, which is a prairie of grass, blue skies and no native trees. 


To bridge that imbalance in nature, the City of Lubbock and the City of Lufkin launched the "Trees Across Texas" program in 2000. The idea was to exchange trees between the two cities as a measure of friendship and cooperation between two Tree City USA communities in Texas. 


The concept was first broached when Lubbock City Councilman T.J. Patterson began discussions with Lufkin City Council member Don Boyd. After some discussion, the concept of a friendly, cooperative exchange of trees began to form and has now become "Trees Across Texas."  


Initially, a tree representing Lufkin was planted during Lubbock's annual Arbor Day celebration in April of 2000.  


Lufkin’s Arbor Day celebration was February 7,2001. A Live Oak was planted at Jones Park in honor of the City of Lubbock. Council member, Don Boyd gave the history of “Trees Across Texas” and Nancy Chancellor gave the history of Lufkin becoming a Tree City USA.  

Proclamations recognizing the "Trees Across Texas" program have been exchanged between Lubbock Mayor Windy Sitton and Lufkin Mayor Louis Bronaugh. 

In future years, other Tree City USA communities will be approached for a tree exchange with Lubbock.