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  • Where is the Civic Center located?
    The Lufkin Civic Center is located at 601 North Second Street, just two blocks north of downtown Lufkin.   Back to Top
  • What are your hours?
    Regular Office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Can you allow Alcohol at a Quinceanera?
    No alcohol is allowed at any event that is being held 'in honor of a minor'.
  • What does the Civic Center provide for Events?
    The Lufkin Civic Center provides the following at no extra charge:
    • Pre-Set Up per Customer’s specifications
    • Rectangular style tables
    • Cushioned Chairs
    • Telescoping Bleachers
    • Full Stage
    • Stage Lighting & Incandescent Lighting
    • Independent Sound System (includes Lapel Mike, Podium w/Mike, Stand-Up Mikes)
    • Two Advertising Marquees
    • Ample parking, including seven handicap parking areas
    • Skirting for Head Tables & Gift Tables (customer supplies tablecloths of their choice for all tables used).
    • For those using the Kitchen, full dinner setting
    • Lobby for Reception or Registration area at no extra charge
    • Full Concessions
    • Wireless Internet availability
    • Two dressing rooms, each equipped with shower and private restroom  Back to Top
  • What is the customer responsible for cleaning?
    The customer is responsible for cleaning up all decorations (i.e. balloons, and other miscellaneous décor), tablecloths, and trash their Event has generated. If they use the kitchen, the Caterer is responsible for cleaning the kitchen and leaving it in the same condition as they found it. The Customer is responsible for insuring the caterer has left the kitchen clean as described.
  •  Are customers allowed to run the Concessions?
     No, the Civic Center Staff is exclusively responsible for operating the Concessions area.
  • What is the early move in rate?
    The “Early Move-In” rate is half the price of one day’s rental of the “Building Use Fee”. The hours for “Early Move-In” are 8 am – 5 pm, unless other specific arrangements have been approved by the Director, prior to the date of the Event.  Back to Top
  • Can the customer supply their own Security?
    No, Security is scheduled exclusively through the Lufkin Police Department. All Security is coordinated through the Civic Center, and is part of the customer’s Contract.
  • Is there a catering fee and who is responsible for paying the fee?
    When the kitchen is used, there is a 10% Catering Fee. The Caterer is responsible for paying the fee; however, the Event Coordinator is responsible for insuring the fee is paid.
  • Do you supply coffee or ice?
    The customer is responsible for supplying their own coffee for their Event; however, depending upon our supply and availability, we are very happy to assist in supplying the ice in-house.
  • Is a Deposit required; and if so, is it refundable?
    A $200 Deposit is required to reserve a date for an Event. The deposit secures the customer’s reservation, and is refundable if all the conditions of the customer’s Contract are met. The Deposit is due 10 days following the date the reservation is made.   Back to Top
  • What is the ceiling height?
    The height is 20 feet from floor to ceiling.
  • What days of the week do you allow to be reserved?
    The Civic Center is open for reservations seven days a week, with the exception of specific dates that are recognized by the City of Lufkin as City holidays. Please refer to our website calendar page for information regarding unavailable dates.
  • Do you have credit card connection availability?
    The Civic Center has accessibility for credit card connection; however it is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to make the proper arrangements with the local phone company prior to their Event.   Back to Top
  • Do we have to have liability insurance?
    The Civic Center provides its own property  insurance; however, there may be times when more is needed depending upon varying risk and safety factors. This decision for the customer to provide insurance will be at the discretion of the Civic Center Director; and will be the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to provide.
  • How many people will the Civic Center hold?
    Capacity is dependant upon which rooms are rented, and to what style is used. For more information, please see the Fee Structure page on our website.
  • What type of tables do you offer for set-ups?
    Capacity is dependant upon which rooms are rented, and to what style is used. For more information for seating arrangements and room capacity, please see the Rate Schedule page on our website.  Back to Top
  • Does the Civic Center provide round tables?
    No, the Civic Center only provides rectangular style tables, at no extra charge; however, customers can get round tables at any rental business in the area. Note: When renting round tables, due to liability issues, the Civic Center staff will not be able to assist in setting-up or moving other business’ tables. It is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to provide their own people to set up and move tables accordingly. If requested by the customer, most rental companies will provide set-up service at a minimal cost.  
  •  Are there dressing rooms?
    Yes, the Civic Center has two Dressing Rooms. Both are complete with a shower/dressing room area, and a separate restroom area adjacent to the dressing room.  Back to Top