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The Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, is the direction and control facility where the City of Lufkin coordinates response and recovery activities during a major emergency or disaster. The City of Lufkin's EOC is located on the first floor of City Hall and is activated when required by the Emergency Management Coordinator.  The EOC has been recently upgraded to include the latest storm tracking and evacuee tracking software, new computers and new networking equipment.


The Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the EOC and providing staff support.  The EOC is manned with representatives from City and non-City organizations who are assigned specific emergency management responsibilities.

The EOC has been activated during several emergency activities. It was activated during the Y2K rollover, September 11, Hurricane Lili, the space shuttle disaster and Hurricane Rita .  The City conducts EOC exercises frequently.  Emergency Operations Center activities include:
  • Activation when a disaster occurs or is imminent.
  • Dissemination of warnings
  • Event documentation
  • Information management
  • Resource management
  • Disaster analysis
  • Decision making
  • Response and Recovery operations

Emergency Operations Center Staffing is composed of two groups:

Executive/Policy Group which is responsible for all major decisions and overall direction and control. It consists of:

  • Mayor
  • City Manager
  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • City Engineer

Operations Group which is comprised of head of departments and agencies having emergency operations responsibilities during a disaster. Department and agencies include:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Information Technology
  • Public Works
  • American Red Cross
  • Local Hospitals

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