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Special Use Permit Process and Application


There may be cases where the proposed use requires a Special Use Permit to be allowed under the current zoning classification. If the Special Use Permit is granted by the Planning and Zoning Commission then the current zoning will remain with the Special Use also being permitted on the property. To check if a proposed use requires a Special Use Permit please refer to the Permitted Uses Chart. A complete Special Use Permit Application is available for download in PDF format or it can obtained by contacting the Planning and Zoning Department, 936-633-0247.


The steps for filing a Special Use request are specified below.  To be placed on the Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda, the complete Special Use Permit Application package must be presented to the City Planning & Zoning Department prior to the deadline as specified by the P&Z schedule.  The process can take up to 45-60 days from the date of application.  An application will not be accepted until all of the following items are submitted:

  • An accurate legal description of the property to be considered for the zone change.  If an area other than an entire piece of property is being requested, field note description of the property will be required.

  • Proof of property ownership as reported in warranty deed, title,  surveyor's report, etc.

  • A completed Application.

  • A site plan of the property, drawn to scale, showing a minimum of the following details:

    • Location of all structures on the site;

    • Parking location;

    • Landscaping and vegetation (proposed and existing);

    • All free-standing signs (including size and locations);

    • Floor plans and elevations of the building (if required).

  • Non-refundable