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On October 1st 1966, LFD began to provide county wide ambulance services. LFD was one of the first departments in Texas to provide this service. Thirty-eight firefighters were employed at this time. In 1979 EMS went from Red Cross and first aid training to State Certified EMTs. LFD upgraded its EMS service in 1983 by selecting several firefighters to become EMT- Paramedics. This improvement was a major advancement for LFD. The daily departmental goal is now to provide an EMT-P on all ambulances.



Lufkin Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services for the City of Lufkin and Angelina County, and mutual aid for surrounding counties. In addition to EMS and mutual aid, LFD also provides community awareness to local schools and day care centers in the form of CPR and First Aid classes.

Lufkin currently staffs four ambulances 24 hours a day with access to back-up units as needed. All ambulances are Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU) with Advanced Life Support (ALS) capabilities. Each unit is staffed with EMT-Paramedics at all times. We have a progressive protocol including 12 lead ECG with wireless transmission, End Tital CO2, CO monitoring, and numerous other procedures through written protocol via our Medical Director.


In 1988, Rescue 1 was placed in service, which responds to all emergency calls both EMS and Fire related within five miles of the city limits. It carries rescue and EMS equipment and provides additional manpower without tying the personnel to an ambulance, and in some cases reduces response time to emergency calls.



Lufkin Fire Department has a total of 80 employees. Personnel are required to become certified Paramedics to retain employment. In addition to EMT certifications, some employees are also certified by Texas Department of Health (TDH) as EMS Instructors and Skills Examiners. Other certifications include Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and others. All Paramedics are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).



The Fire Department responds to approximately 9,000 calls annually.