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Lufkin Fire Department provides a 25-member Hazardous Material Team, trained to the Technician level.  We are the only team within a three hour driving radius.


In 1987, because of the increasing amount of hazardous materials transported through and used by the City of Lufkin, the Lufkin Fire Department expanded its duties and capabilities by developing a hazardous materials emergency response team. The Hazmat team consists of 25 firefighters who, in addition to their regular duties, are specially trained in the control, containment, and confinement techniques associated with hazardous materials. Although  this team is not responsible for clean up activities, their goal is to minimize damage to life, property, and the environment in the event of a hazardous materials incident.


The Lufkin Hazmat truck carries a wide variety of specialized equipment including booms, absorbent chemicals, neutralizing agents, various types of chemical suits, patching materials, detection equipment, decontamination supplies and much, much more. In addition to these supplies it also is equipped with a comprehensive resource library and communications system.

The Hazmat team responds to incidents within the City of Lufkin and Angelina County. It also has a Mutual Aid Agreement with Nacogdoches County and traditionally has responded to wherever requested and needed.


The team also is responsible for Special Operations such as High Angle, Trench, Confined Space, and Water Rescue.


Local businesses and residences are not billed for utilizing the Hazmat Team at an incident. However, incidents occurring outside city limits or by vehicles passing through the city are billable. Although there is no guarantee it will always be this way, billable responses and donations have covered all the additional expenses of equipment and training in the past.