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Fire Fighter Entrance Examination Information - May 8, 2015


The mission of the Lufkin Fire Department is to protect lives and property through a variety of public safety services under the direction of the City of Lufkin


The Lufkin Fire Department is a full-service department providing fire suppression & rescue, emergency medical services with paramedics and ambulances, a 25-member hazardous materials team, fire inspections, plan review for new and updated construction, fire code enforcement, arson investigation and public information & education.  We operate from 5 emergency stations and a fire administration building, with an annual emergency response volume of approximately 12,500 calls.  There are 82 full-time personnel, with 79 certified Firefighters and 2 office staff.  Our ISO (insurance services office) rating is 2.


The terrorist attack on 9-11-01 brought new responsibilities to the Lufkin Fire Department, including testing capability for anthrax and other bio agents.   Lufkin Fire Department also provides advanced technical capabilities such as infra-red scanning devices which provide visibility in the pitch-black atmospheres of structure fires and other emergencies.


Smoke Alarms


Don’t forget to change your smoke alarm batteries twice a year, spring & fall, to coincide with the changes in daylight savings time.  Keep a fire extinguisher in your home, and know how to use it.  Talk with your children about fire safety and escape plans.  Call or e-mail us for all your fire safety questions or concerns.

Free Smoke Alarms!

Working smoke alarms can mean the difference between life and death in a fire. They cut the chances of dying in a fire in half by giving people the time needed to escape safely.


Call the Lufkin Fire Department at 936-633-0371 if you live in the city of Lufkin and need assistance with your smoke alarms. We will schedule a time/date (when an adult will be home) to test your smoke alarm. If needed a Lufkin firefighter can  replace the batteries or even install a new smoke alarm in your home, free of charge.


Elderly citizens, low income citizens and disabled citizens will have priority for the free smoke alarms and/or batteries as there is a limited availability of both at this time.


Renters: Contact your landlords and refer to your lease if you do not have a working smoke alarm.


                   Burning Inside Lufkin City Limits

Residents who wish to burn yard waste must follow these rules regarding the legal burning within Lufkin city limits.

• ONLY brush and vegetation grown on the property can be burned (fallen limbs, pine straw, leaves and cut grass).
• You CANNOT burn trash, plastic, rubber, tires or even lumber.
• All fires must be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished.
• You must have a water hose or another way to put the fire out readily available.
• If smoke is getting into another home or building you will have to extinguish your fire.
• You cannot burn if the wind is less than 6 miles per hour or greater than 23 mph.
You cannot burn within 50 feet of a structure (houses, storage buildings, carports and even a wood fence is considered a structure).
• The earliest you can start burning is 1 hour after daylight and your fire must be completely out at least one hour before dark.
• NEVER burn outdoors during a BURN BAN.
• Land clearing operations require a permit.


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