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The Finance Department is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the City’s financial systems in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles; processing and disbursing funds for payments; process cash collections, managing investments of cash balances; publishing appropriate financial statements, reports, and preparing the City’s annual budget, and managing bonded indebtedness. The department strives to review and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the City’s financial practices. The department acts as liaison to the City's underwriters, investors, trustees, and other outside parties in the sale of bonds.



The Comptroller Leadership Circle Member Gold Award recognizes local governments for meeting a high standard of financial transparency online by sharing information in a user friendly format that lets taxpayers drill down for more information.   The Gold Award is received for earning 18 of 20 possible points.  Points are awarded for having current budgets, financial reports and check registers posted online.  The data needs to be accessible within three mouse clicks of the home page and searchable.  Other criteria include contact information for local government elected officials, instructions on how to submit open records request and local government contact information.


The Distinguished Budget Presentation Award is presented by Government Finance Officers Association.  In order to receive the award the City must publish a budget document that meets program criteria such as a policy document, as an operations guide, as a financial plan, and as a communications device.  The City of Lufkin has received the award for the Annual Operating Budget document for each fiscal year since 1999.



The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting is awarded by the Government Finance Officers Association to governments whose comprehensive financial reports achieve the highest standards in government accounting and financial reporting.  The City of Lufkin has received the award for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for each fiscal year since 2001.




Contacts for additional information:

Director                               Belinda Southern                             936-633-0305

Accounts Payable            Rebecca Jones                                   936-633-0252

Accounts Receivable      Bev Livingston                                  936-633-0224


Receipts/Records            Jessie Mitchell                                  936-633-0225

Payroll                                  Theresa Noland                                936-633-0313

Budget                                 Teresa Casanova                               936-633-0417

Accounting Tech              Sheri Cassin                                        936-633-0423

EMS-Billing                         Denise McCool                                  936-633-0222

EMS-Billing                         Amanda Christopher                      936-633-0222    


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