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Sam Rayburn, the largest Reservoir  wholly in Texas, is but a short distance from Lufkin, the largest city near the lake.  Lufkin, with it's many hotels and motels, is a perfect place to "home base" while enjoying Rayburn's great fishing opportunities.

Sam Rayburn has three major feeding streams, the Angelina, the Attoyac Rivers and Ayish Bayou; with several major creeks and a multitude of minor creeks running into it from far up river all the way south to the dam. The amber, green and blue waters offer about any species of fish and any kind of water sport that a lover of the great outdoors might want.


The lake contains numerous species of game fish to include largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, white bass, hybrid striped bass, and several species of catfish and pan fish.


Anglers are most successful at catching largemouth bass during the fall, winter, and spring months. Due to cooler water temperatures, fish are active for longer periods of the day and are typically found in shallow water. A variety of baits and techniques will work during these times. When fish are active, crankbaits and spinnerbaits are usually the preferred choice. During the hot summer, the bite usually slows and fish activity is usually concentrated during early morning, late evening, and at night. Poppers, propeller baits, stickbaits, and flukes are good topwater choices during low light conditions. As the sun rises, most bass are concentrated in or around vegetation edges, or seek refuge on deep ledges and creek channels. During this time, plastic worms and jigs are the preferred baits. Crappie fishing is excellent year-round with jigs and minnows. During the spring spawn, anglers target shallow areas around vegetation. During other times of the year, fish are typically concentrated in deeper water around brushpiles and creek channels.

Habitat in Sam Rayburn Reservoir consists of submerged aquatic vegetation, standing timber, and flooded terrestrial vegetation. Hydrilla is the predominant plant species, although many native plants (i.e., coontail and pondweed) are also present. In the lower part of the reservoir the water is relatively clear; game fish are typically found around vegetation edges, flats, humps, and creek channels. In the upper one-third of the reservoir, the abundance of vegetation typically declines. Timber, brush, laydowns, and creek channels provide upper-lake gamefish habitat. Due to water level fluctuations, habitat conditions change seasonally and yearly. Drastic water level changes can decrease the amount of vegetation. At high water levels, inundated trees and bushes provide excellent habitat.   More information on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, to include camping facilities, is available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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