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New look and features added to the web mapping services!


All of the web mapping services have been upgraded to a new format that will provide you with enhanced features and easier to use functions.  You can now search for property by address, owner name, or property id.  You can also turn on and off different layers, measure on the screen with lines or areas, and create pdf's of the maps with no special software.  The updated 2003 aerial imagery is now available to view also.  We've also kept the hyperlink features that will hyperlink to appraisal district web records and we've added hyperlinks to City Council member web pages as well.  We've also added contour information for those that want to know the lay of the land.  We hope you find the new features useful and please continue to check back for further improvements.

Start Using the Online Maps Now - Click here

Lufkin Quick Maps are now available online!  These are PDF maps that are pre-made from common requests and inquiries.  These maps will be useful for developers and citizens.  All maps are in pdf format so they are easily accessible.  

The Lufkin Sex Offender map was last updated on June 3, 2005.  At the time of the last update there were 51 registered sex offenders within the Lufkin City Limits.  The link to the map is on this disclaimer page.  Click on the help link on the map page for information on how to use the map.  All of the sex offender information was downloaded from the DPS website and will be updated monthly.

Download features available!

We have recently had the City re-flown and will be getting a limited number of grids updated.  If you have a request for a particular updated grid contact Jason Collins.  Now available is an interactive system that allows users to selectively download aerial photography and vector data from the website.  This data was produced in 1996 and are high quality. 

Topo Download

The GIS mission is to deliver complete, timely, and accurate geographic information that expands the City's abilities to provide quality service.  The City promotes the use of GIS and related technologies to more efficiently address problems and help in the decision support regarding the land-use, infrastructure, and natural resources of the City of Lufkin. GIS is a division of the Public Works Department.


If you experience any type of problems please email the GIS Manager with a detailed description of the situation.  You may also suggest map types that could be added online, we will do our best to accommodate the needs of all the citizens of Lufkin.

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