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Downtown Significant Buildings

Click on the thumbnail for a full size photograph/architectural rendering.

  Museum of East Texas 

503 N. Second;  built: 1920

  Ward R. Burke Courthouse May 15, 2009

104 N. 3rd



  Jennings Station Friday, May 15, 2009

318 South First; built: 2006

  Angelina Court House Annex

606 E. Lufkin, built: 1965

  Fire Station Lufkin Avenue

314 E. Lufkin Ave., built: 1929

  Angelina Hotel

101 W. Shepherd, built: 1949

  Old Perry's Bldg

100 S. First, built: 1952

  Downtown Denman Bldg 

102 W. Frank, built: 1939

  Court House Lufkin Ave.

 215 Lufkin Ave

  J. S. Moore Bldg. May 15, 2009

211 S. Shepherd, built: 1972

  Jennings Station May 15, 2009
  Old First Christian Church Edu. Bld. May 15, 2009
  Lufkin City Hall, May 15, 2009

300 East Shepherd, built: 1986

  LISD Admin. Bld. May 2009

101 Cotton Square, built: 1933