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Main Street Lufkin Events

"Locked With Love" Tree in Cotton Square

“A couple of years ago when we visited Paris I was impressed with the “Love Locks” on the Ponts des Arts Bridge,” said Barbara Thompson, Main Street director. “The locks are placed there by couples to signify their enduring love and then the key is tossed into the River Seine so the lock can never be removed and becomes a symbol their love will last as long as the lock is on the fence. We don’t have a river or a bridge in Downtown Lufkin, but we do have a park.”

Without a river or a bridge, we’ve worked with our engineering department and they have created a tree for the locks to hang on the tree, she said. And a tree is so fitting for our East Texas piney woods. The tree created for the project is 8 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter with rings around the “trunk” for the locks. “The tree represents a strong and growing love, and the rings around the tree represent infinity or the enduring love of a couple,” she said. Couples can come to the park, put their lock on the tree, drop the key in the sign by the tree and show that their love is a lasting relationship.

Entertainment In The Park

Every Friday at Noon in October we provide an "Entertaining" lunch opportunity. Local musicians and groups provide their talents in the open air of Cotton Square for your enjoyment. And a different local food business is on hand to provide lunch or you can bring your own.
These are images of past Entertainment in the Park events:
Click on the images to see a larger photo.


* Photo Gallery from 2015 Downtown Trick or Treat *

* Photo Gallery 2015 Downtown Christmas Parade *

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