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 Lufkin, Texas 75902         936-634-8881
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                                        Allure                                                                301 S. First

                                        Bella Salon & Boutique                                    105 W. Shepherd

                                        Candle Shop/Quality Bargains                         123 S. First

                                        Custom Lamps and Shades                             108 S. First

                                        1st Street Wireless Accessories                       101 N. First

                                        Kellie Gann Photography                                  122 S. First

                                        Lockets & Lace                                                 119 S. First St

                                        Mama Tried                                                      206 S. First

                                        Pink Leopard                                                    202  S. First

                                        Rubie & Jane Bridal                                          104 S. First

                                        Studio 319                                                        319  E. Frank

                                        Twisted Sisters                                                 110 S. First



                                         Heritage Antiques                                            110 W. Burke

                                         Lufkin Antique Mall                                          118 N. First

                                         Mama Tried                                                      119  S. First

                                         Forgotten Treasures                                        122 E. Burke

                                         Texas Coin/Mantiques                                     112 S. First



                                         Allure                                                                301 S. First

                                         Bella Salon & Boutique                                    105 W. Shepherd

                                         Let Them Be Little  (children)                          123 S. First St.

                                         Lockets & Lace                                                 106 E. Lufkin

                                         Mama Tried                                                      206 S. First

                                         Pink Leopard                                                    202  S. First

                                         Rubie and Jane Bridal & Formal Wear             104 S. First

                                         Studio 319                                                        319  E. Frank

                                         The Standpipe                                                 123 S. First

                                         Twisted Sisters                                                110 S. First



                                        Bove Sewing Machine                                      501 E. Lufkin

                                        Kirby Company                                                 503 E. Lufkin

                                        Rick’s Sewing Machine Center                         114 E. Lufkin



                                        Becker Art Studio                                             116 S. First

                                        Heritage Antiques                                            110 W . Burke

                                        KB Yoga & More                                              105 S. First

                                        Richert Art Studio                                            110 W. Burke

                                        Sarah's Art Works                                           400 S. First

                                        Twisted Sisters                                                110 S. First

                                        The Standpipe                                                 123 S. First



                                       Commercial Bank                                            600 S. First

                                       Regions Bank                                                  203  S. First



                                      Beautiful Image Beauty Shop                           509 E. Lufkin

                                      Bella Salon & Boutique                                     105 W. Shepherd

                                      Bumble’s Salon & Spa                                      306 Lufkin

                                      Designing Hair/Turning Heads                         108 W. Shepherd

                                      Maricela’s  Day Spa                                          121 N. First

                                      Martha’s Nail Gallery                                        112 W. Shepherd

                                      Sassy Red’s  Beauty Shop                               401 E. Lufkin

                                      Studio 319 Beauty Shop                                   319 E. Frank



                                     Buy the Book                                                    319 S. Second

                                     Casino Slots and More                                     216 N. First

                                     Downtown Café                                                113 N. First

                                     Lufkin Parks & Recreation                                125 N.  First

                                     Play by Play Club                                             104 1/2 E. Burke

                                     Restoration Wine Bar                                       210 S. First

                                     The Pines                                                         113 S. First

                                     The Standpipe                                                  123 S. First



Health & Fitness

                                     Body N Sync                                                    317 E. Frank

                                     Changing Lives Dance Center                         109 N. First

                                     KB Yoga & More                                              105 S. First

                                     K.L.A.S.S.                                                        122 S. First

                                     Ultra Fit Gym and Fitness Center                     124 W. Burke


Home Décor

                                     A Furniture Fetish                                            121 W. Shepherd

                                     Candle Shop/Quality Bargains                        123 S. First

                                     Custom Lamps and Shades                            108 S. First

                                   Mama Tried                                                       119  S. First

                                   Twisted Sisters                                                 110 S. First


                                   Angelina Jewelry Repair                                   114 S. First

                                   Allure                                                                301 S. First

                                   Becker Art Studio                                              110 W. Burke

                                   Forgotten Treasures                                         122 E. Burke

                                   Heritage Antiques                                             110 W. Burke

                                   Lockets & Lace                                                 106 E. Lufkin 

                                   Lufkin Antique Mall                                           118 N. First

                                   Lufkin Jewelry on the Square                           121 E. Frank

                                   Mama Tried                                                      119  S. First

                                   Maricela’s Day Spa                                          122 E. Burke

                                   Pink Leopard                                                    202  S. First

                                   Rubie and Jane Bridal & Formal Wear            104 S. First

                                   Studio 319 Beauty Shop                                   319 E. Frank

                                   Time Will Tell                                                    304 E. Lufkin

                                   Twisted Sisters                                                110 S. First

Lawn & Garden

                                   Air Cooled Engines                                         320 E. Frank

                                   Southland Feed and Supply                            401 E. Frank



                                   CMS Iptechnologies                                       205 C E. Frank

                                   Davis Advanced Technologies                        315 E Frank.

                                   La Lengua Spanish Newspaper                     118 W. Shepherd

                                   Lufkin Daily News/Charm                               300 Ellis

                                   Masseymedia                                                 405 S. First

                                   Savvy, The Agency                                         317 E. Frank

                                   The Journey Magazine                                   115 E. Shepherd

                                   Smith Koenig Radio                                        121 Cotton Sq.



                                   Brazos/Jennings Station                                 318 S. First

                                   DETCOG                                                         118 S. First

                                   1st Street Wireless Accessories                     101 N. First



                                   Hop & S Graphics                                           103 E. Frank

                                   Jackie Ray Photography                                 116 S. First


Rentals & Venues

                                   Abrams                                                            107 Cotton Sq.

                                   A-1 Party Rentals                                            414 S. First

                                   Behannon’s Warehouse                                  205 N. Fourth

                                   Downtown Café                                               113 N. First

                                   The Grand on First                                          416 S. First

                                   The Lodge                                                       104 W. Shepherd

                                   The Pines Theatre                                           113 S. First

                                   The Main Event                                               205 E. Frank



                                   Confections                                                     117 W. Shepherd

                                   Downtown Café                                               113 N. First

                                   Manhattan Fine Dining                                    107 W. Lufkin

                                   Restoration Wine Bar                                      210 S. First

                                   Standpipe Coffee House                                 123 S. First




                          SHOP MAIN STREET FIRST!!!