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In 1988, guided by a vision of Mayor Louis Bronaugh, the Neighborhood Alliance was formed . After attending a meeting to give the Mantooth Neighborhood Association a brief overview of his plans as the newly elected Councilmember from Ward 6, the Mayor was so impressed with the Mantooth Association that he quickly began making plans to expand the neighborhood association throughout the community. Mayor Bronaugh brought in Marcelle Canon, a resident of Ward 6, to head up the organization of the Alliance. The success of these efforts is evident in the fact that there are now 11 active neighborhood associations throughout the City.

The Alliance is a non-dues paying organization of the various associations within the City of Lufkin. Although each association is completely autonomous and each varies greatly in organization and purpose, all share the common goal of making their area a better place to live. The Alliance is a vehicle by which ideas can be shared and information distributed. The Alliance also is available to assist in the formation of new associations.

Current Neighborhood Associations include:
                  (See the PDF map)
Castlewood - Richard Joseph, President (632-8485)
Bruce Runnels, Vice President
Pamela Stokes, Secretary
Christy Phillips, Corresponding Secretary
Roy Griffey, Treasurer

Englewood - Michelle Warren, President
Warren Ferden, Vice President (632-5785)
Mark Gipson, Secretary
Bob Gray, Treasurer

Inwood Terrace - Ken Cunigan, President
David A. Hetler, Vice President
Ruth Cunigan, Secretary
Ana Seelbach, Treasurer  

Jefferson Avenue - Elena Campbell, Liason (632-7540)

Keltys - Allene Bledsoe, President (637-3933)
Wilma J. Glover, Vice President
Laddie Williams, Secretary
Patricia Gunter, Treasurer

Lufkin Land - Leon Washington, President (634-2684)

Mantooth Park - Linnette Scagliola, President (637-7836)
Mary J. Maroney, Vice President
Liz Robertson, Recording Secretary
Valerie Epps, Corresponding Secretary
Julie Baker, Treasurer

North Lufkin - Lela Simmons, President (634-9363)
Princess Simond, Vice President
Bennie Moye, Financial Secretary
Gloria Gilder, Recording Secretary
Randy Stallard, Corresponding Secretary
Irma Barlow, Asst. Corresponding Secretary
Delores Richard, Treasurer

Northeast Rainbow - Jack Bouslog, President (634-7842)
Greg Willis, Vice President
Victor Bruce, Secretary
Bill Berry, Treasurer

Sunset - Louise Finley, President (639-5109)
Michi & Larry Kroekerr, Vice Presidents
Bill Swearingen, Secretary/Treasurer

Senior Center - Wendell Addington, President (632-1241)
Ben Hooker, Vice President