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Parks and Rec FAQs


Parks Questions

If we did not answer your question about parks or recreation programming, call us at 936-633-0250 and ask our staff.

Do you offer swimming classes? 

The City of Lufkin does not offer swimming classes. Please contact the Boys and Girls Club Aquatic Center at 936-632-7467.

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How do I get schedules, standings and rainout information? 

For adult softball and basketball only, call 936-630-2004. This information is also available online during league play.

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How do I register my team for upcoming sports leagues?


You may register for adult softball and basketball, or youth softball and basketball at the Downtown Recreation Center at 125 North First Street. There is no phone registration. There is $100 deposit required to register adult teams, which is included in the final entry fee. 


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Are the parks in Lufkin wheel chair accessible?

Attempts have been made to make facilities and parks wheel chair accessible. Transfer points on play equipment, picnic pavilions, restrooms, and community centers have been made accessible. Winston park has a handicap accessible playground and softball field. Please alert us to maintenance needs or specific suggestions to improve our accessibility.

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How much does the city charge for use of the Chambers Park Rock House and the Brandon Center?


The cost of rental for both community centers is $25.00 per hour with a $50.00 minimum.  We require a $50.00 deposit which is refunded if the facility is left clean and the tables and chairs are folded and replaced along the walls.

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What classes are offered in the summer program?

Classes offered may include, babynastics, gymnastics, tumbling/cheerleading, and jazz/hiphop/drill. Monthly classes include line dancing, tae kwon do, zumba, and yoga/pilates. People are also encouraged to use the parks, the Azalea Trail, Ellen Trout Park Trail and the Lost Arrow Trail for hiking, biking, walking, and jogging.


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How much do you charge to rent the pavilions in the parks?

Pavilions in the parks are rent free. A reservation is required to use the pavilions.

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What are the age requirements for public swimming at Jones Pool?
Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at all times.

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Do you have a list of activities and classes offered to public?


We have a brochure that is available at the downtown center listing all classes. The brochure was also taken to the schools for distribution to students.

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What is the cost for swimming at the pools?


The City of Lufkin only has Jones Pool open and the cost is currently free. The Boys and Girls Club offers public swimming at their Aquatics Center. Please call 632-7467 for their fees.


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Can I make a reservation for the pavilion at the zoo?


Please call 633-0399 for pavilion reservations at Ellen Trout Zoo.

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How does the Chambers, Jones, and Kiwanis Spray Plays operate?


The short bollard on one corner of the slabs either has a push button on top (Kiwanis and Jones) or a sensor on the side (at Chambers). Press or place your hand in front of the sensor and prepare to get wet between 10 AM and 8 PM. Clocks may not be set with yours, so be patient or call 633-0250 for assistance.

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