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Lufkin Parks and Recreation


125 N. First Street

  Lufkin, TX 75901

  Phone: (936) 633-0250

  Fax:     (936) 634-8024

  Hotline:(936) 630-2004


Park Grant Information


Park Grant Application

Purpose of the parks grant program: This program will provide grants from $250.00 to $2500.00 to match donations of cash, labor, and equipment for enhancement projects to benefit citizens of Lufkin with parks and recreation facilities in the Lufkin Parks system. Groups, organizations, and individuals may use these funds to provide materials and/or equipment, when labor is available and funding is limited.  Projects must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Parks Advisory Board. Projects must benefit citizens, meet goals of the master plan, provide beautification or environmental enhancement, or help meet demand for additional facilities. 


We thank you for your interest in the program and hope you will ask for our assistance if you have any questions.



You may contact Don Hannabas, Director of Parks and Leisure Services at 633-0250 or by mail at PO Drawer 190, Lufkin Tx 75902-0190 or FAX at 634-8024.



  • Please submit request in writing and with the following information:

Name of group, organization, or individual

Have you previously used this grant program?

Have you provided a previous project for the department?

Location of proposed project (sketch or drawing is helpful)

Description of the project

Date project will begin and end (must be in the current City of Lufkin fiscal year

October through September)

What is requested of the City of Lufkin? (cash match, purchase equipment,

materials, labor for project installation, project supervision)

List all materials and equipment to be purchased

Estimate of labor to be matched for the project. (Labor value: $6.00 per man-hour

What will be the benefit to the community?

  • Structures will require plans sealed by a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas. The City of Lufkin Engineering Department will review all plans and may request additional information or planning before approval. Please allow adequate time for this process.

  • Grants shall be for a minimum of $250.00 and a maximum of $2500.00.

  • The City of Lufkin will acquire all materials and equipment purchased for the project and retain ownership in the event the project is not completed. All financial records and accounting processes for the project will be provided by the City of Lufkin.

  • All purchasing procedures of the City of Lufkin will be followed in accordance with the current Purchasing Policy.


A scoring system will be used to review the grants in the event there are

numerous applications for the limited funding. The following will be used as a

guideline for the Parks Board in their decision process:

Previous performance on grants. Did the group have good workmanship and

perform in a timely manner? (Yes or No) If no, the application will not be

considered until other guarantees are in place.


Extent the project meets the current master planning goals, objectives, and


Enhances a project in the current 5-year plan - 20 pts.

Enhances a newly completed project - 20 pts.

Enhances a project between the current 5 to 10 year plan - 15 pt.s

Meets a goal or objective of the plan - 10 pts.

Provision of a balanced mix of opportunities

Project provides a "new to Lufkin" outdoor recreation activity - 25 pts.

Project adds to an existing structure of facility - 20 pts.

Project provides a new needed activity in a park - 15 pts.

Project provides a similar facility to the same park - 10 pts.

Provision of a better geographic distribution of facilities and grant funding

Impacts a new service area defined by the master plan - 25 pts.

Only one other like it in the City - 20 pts.

Two other like it in the City - 15 pts.

Three other like it in the City - 15 pts.


Provision for low income, minority, elderly and/or youth at risk

Targets all four groups - 20 pts.

Targets three groups - 15 pts.

Targets two groups - 10 pts.

Targets one group - 5 pts.

Does not directly impact any of these groups - 0 pts.

Cooperative efforts with other groups

Provides new coop between the City and another group - 25 pts.

Cost sharing, labor cooperation, or cooperative agreements - 20 pts.

Permission to use tools and equipment from other than City - 15 pts.

Conservation and environmental impact

No tree removal or drainage change - 25 pts.

Limited site improvement and/or limited tree removal or impact - 20 pts.

Land clearing and/or drainage impact - 0 pts

Renovation of existing, obsolete park and recreation facilities

Project improves or replaces an older facility or structure - 25 pts.

Visual impact of the project

Will enhance the beauty of the park setting - 20 pts.

Will create interest in the area - 15 pts.

Will detract from the beauty of the area, but still necessary - 10 pts.

Negative impact to the area in passing and viewing - 0 pts.

Use of native plant material

Complete use of native material - 20 pts.

Mixed use of native and improved varieties - 15 pts.

Complete use of domestics and hybrids - 10 pts.

No plant material used in the project - 0 pts.

Increased impact on maintenance budget

Little increase expected - 15 pts.

Moderate increase expected - 10 pts.

Significant increase expected - 5 pts.

Increased service level needed (new labor and equipment) - 0 pts.

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