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Updated 3/16/04


The City of Lufkin Comprehensive Plan 2001 submitted by Dunkin, Sefko and Associates, Inc. is available for public review.  Hard copies of the plan are available for review at the Planning Department, City Hall and the Kurth Memorial Library. 

Cover Sheet

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Overview

Section 2 - Baseline Analysis

Section 3 - Goals and Objectives

Section 4 - Thoroughfare Plan

Section 5 - Public Facilities Plan

Section 6 - Housing Strategies Plan

Section 7 - Infrastructure Systems

Section 8 - Future Land Use Plan

Section 9 - Community Image Guidelines

Section 10 - Downtown Revitalization Guidelines

Section 11 - Implementation Strategies

 Appendix A - Citizen Attitude Survey

Images (maps)

Plate 2.2 - Physical Factors

Plate 2.3 - Existing Land Use

Plate 2.4 - Housing Conditions

Plate 4.1 - Thoroughfare Plan

Plate 6.1 - Residential Strategies Map

Plate 7.1 - Water CCN Boundaries

Plate 7.2 - Water Distribution Plan

Plate 7.3 - Waste Water Collection Plan

Plate 7.4 - Drainage Improvement Plan

Plate 8.1 - Future Land Use Plan (City Limits)

Plate 8.2 - Future Land Use Plan (City and ETJ)

*Revised March 16, 2004 by Ordinance # 3689*