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The Façade Improvement Program


The Façade Improvement Program Grant is a new grant developed by the City of Lufkin to assist property owners in the Main Street Program area, also referred to as our Downtown. The Main Street area is historically the center of Lufkin and was the commercial hub for all types of businesses in years past. Bakeries, liquor stores, furniture, flowers and food were in abundance on all the streets of the downtown. Now the area hosts numerous law firms and a smaller number of commercial uses but it is still a vibrant center of activities brought to the Main Street area by a dynamic organization known as the Main Street Program. Main Street works with owners and occupants to put on activities like the Christmas Parade, Banner Beautification program, Entertainment in the Park, downtown Trick or Treating, Flag Day and Street Enhancement with Flowers. Now Main Street will work with applicants interested in improving the appearance of their building, working to restore the structure back to a period that reflects the history of Lufkin


Please review the documents below for further information about the Façade Improvement Program Grant. If you are interested in participating in the program contact the City of Lufkin Planning Staff at 936.633.0247.


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