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Department News

online reporting instuctions

The Lufkin Police Department is joining the ranks of larger departments across the country in offering citizens the convenience of online reporting for minor crimes and other incidents. The types of incidents reportable online include: animal complaints or violations, trash can theft, misdemeanor theft, vehicle burglary, burglary of a vending machine, criminal mischief or vandalism, hit and run on a parked vehicle or fixture, gas stations drive-offs, harassing phone calls, lost property and reckless driving.

Click here to report a crime online.

The Lufkin Police Department says so-long to its longest-serving sergeant – David “Bubba” Walker..

November 4, 2015 - After 37 years and eight months, Sergeant David Walker was honored as he retires. Click here for the complete press release.

The first Citizen’s Police Academy in 10 years is underway.

Citizen’s Police Academy will be held each fall as a 12-week program, is free of charge and is a sister program to department’s 14-week Clergy and Police Alliance held each spring. We will begin taking applications for candidate screening in July for our fall 2016 class.

This program aims to help citizens better understand the issues and situations that police officers face each day. Participants will be instructed in criminal law, arrest powers, search and seizure laws, department policies and procedures, use of force, criminal investigations, traffic law, accident investigations, narcotics investigations, special operations, the judicial process, as well as interactive use with firearms and firearms safety, use of force simulator, mock traffic stops and building searches, in addition to many other areas of law enforcement.

Participants will also have an opportunity to do a ride-along with a patrol officer while attending the academy, giving them the opportunity to see and learn about an officer’s role and duties in our community, as well as the hazards and issues that they face in our rapidly changing society.

The First Clergy and Police Academy is Complete.

The Lufkin Police Department offered its first Clergy & Police Academy this year. View the new video to hear about the impact it made on the participants.

We will begin taking applications for candidate screening in December for our spring 2016 class.

Through this interaction with one another, our officers and the graduates will have a better understanding of the roles that each other perform in our society. Our spiritual and civic leaders will have an opportunity to experience a part of our society with which they may be unfamiliar, or perhaps through their training and experiences offer a different perspective or resolution to the non-criminal problems that our officers respond to every day.

For Your Information

Lufkin Police Department's 2014 Crime Clock:

  • An emergency 9-1-1 call was received in the LPD Communication Center every 9 minutes.
  • A police officer was dispatched to a call for service every 12 minutes.
  • A police officer took a report on a crime or incident every hour.
  • A vehicle crash was reported every 2 hours.
  • A property crime was committed every 4 hours.
  • A theft was committed every 6 hours.
  • An assault was committed every 14 hours.
  • A burglary was committed every 22 hours.
  • A violent crime was committed every 2 days.
  • An Aggravated Assault was committed every 4 days.
  • A vehicle was stolen every 5 days.
  • A robbery was committed every 8 days.
  • A murder was committed every 183 Days

  • Each calendar year, the Lufkin Police Department reports crime statistics to the FBI through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. The Police Department’s Annual Report will begin with a report and compilation on the past years crime statistics. The second half of the report will be a breakdown of our police department section by section to show the reader the tremendous amount of effort it takes to provide effective police services to the citizens of Lufkin Texas.

    Click here to view the
    2014 LPD Annual Report.

    The Lufkin Police Department uses to provide the citizens of Lufkin with up to date information on crimes and police-involved incidents that occur within Lufkin's city limits. displays icons for the various incidents on a map of Lufkin. The map will also display information concerning sex offenders complete with their location, photograph, personal identifiers, and the age/sex of their victim. Clicking on any of the incident icons provides additional incident details, including "the type of incident, the time and date it occurred, and the address where it occurred", and a link for submitting an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers of Lufkin concerning that incident. allows citizens to sign up to receive free crime alerts via email - if a specified crime occurs within the citizen-specified geographic area, sends an alert to the citizen.

    To view the information, citizens, and interested reporters, can visit and add Lufkin, TX into the location search bar, click on the link or banner found on Lufkin Police Department's webpage (, or download the free mobile phone app.

    The Lufkin Police Department is working to update the emergency contact information for businesses and residences, particularly the locations that have alarms Much of the data the department has is out of date and many business and residences with alarm systems are not registered. All businesses and residences with alarms should register or re-register.

    The department has a PDF form you can fill out and mail in. and there is also an online form. Let's help the Lufkin Police Department provide better services to our businesses and citizens. Update your emergency contact information today!

    To help reduce the incidences of accidents the City of Lufkin has installed red light cameras at various intersections throughout the city. We have a detailed PDF map showing the location of the red light cameras in Lufkin.

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