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Civil Service Testing - Police Entrance Exam March 6th, 2015 - Information



Lufkin Police Department's 2014 Annual Report

Each calendar year, the Lufkin Police Department reports crime statistics to the FBI through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. The Police Department’s Annual Report will begin with a report and compilation on the past years crime statistics. The second half of the report will be a breakdown of our police department section by section to show the reader the tremendous amount of effort it takes to provide effective police services to the citizens of Lufkin Texas.


Click here to view the 2014 LPD Annual Report.




December 14th - Idling Your Vehicle When It's Cold - The Law and Your Safety


   The Lufkin Police Department has received numerous questions in reference to idling your vehicle.  We hope this will answer those questions and eliminate any misunderstandings that the public may have.  It seems that most of the questions are in reference to the so called “puffing” law.  This law relates to air quality control and does not apply to the City of Lufkin.  This law is usually found in larger cities in an attempt to control smog and pollutants.


 It is common for people to crank their vehicle and allow it to warm up before driving. This is especially true on those cold days when you need to defrost your windows so that you can see to drive.  The Lufkin Police Department recommends that you take precautions when doing so.
A remote start that does not require a key and kills the engine when placed in gear is a great investment. If your vehicle does not have this feature, lock your doors and use some other means, such as an instrument that locks the steering wheel or somehow disables the vehicle, to deter would be car thieves.



September 12th, 2014 - Press release regarding inaccurate information regarding the City of Lufkin's Safety. Click here for full release.




The Lufkin Police Department  to provide the citizens of Lufkin with up to date information on crimes and police-involved incidents that occur within Lufkin's city limits. displays icons for the various incidents on a map of Lufkin. The map will also display information concerning sex offenders complete with their location, photograph, personal identifiers, and the age/sex of their victim.  Clicking on any of the incident icons provides additional incident details, including "the type of incident, the time and date it occurred, and the address where it occurred", and a link for submitting an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers of Lufkin concerning that incident. allows citizens to sign up to receive free crime alerts via email - if a specified crime occurs within the citizen-specified geographic area, sends an alert to the citizen.

   To view the information, citizens, and interested reporters, can visit and add Lufkin, TX into the location search bar, click on the link or banner found on Lufkin Police Department's webpage (, or download the free mobile phone app.



Lufkin Police Department's Special Response Team is utilized during an event when more manpower is required to protect the citizen's of Lufkin. Click here to see a video to learn more about this professional protection team.



The Lufkin Police Department is working to update the  emergency contact information for businesses and residences, particularly the locations that have alarms  Much of the data the department has is out of date and many business and residences with alarm systems are not registered.  All businesses and residences with alarms should register or re-register.  The department has a PDF form you can fill out and mail in and there is also a new online form.  Let's help the Lufkin Police Department provide better services to our businesses and citizens.  Update your emergency contact information today!



To help reduce the incidences of accidents the City of Lufkin has installed red light cameras at various intersections throughout the city. We have a detailed PDF map showing the location of the red light cameras in Lufkin.



Official site of the Lufkin Police Department.  This is a City of Lufkin website and as such is subject to our Security/Privacy policy and disclaimer and our links policy. For additional information about the City of Lufkin, email  For information or comments on the website, email the webmaster.

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