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Clergy and Police Alliance

The Lufkin Police Department is proud to announce the implementation of the Clergy and Police Alliance program, known as CAPA. This program is comprised of a coalition of spiritual, civic, and lay leaders who have volunteered to attend our CAPA academy and stand alongside the officers of our department to better meet the needs of the citizens of Lufkin. The program is open to all churches of every faith and denomination in Lufkin. Upon graduation of the academy, our CAPA members can ride along with police officers and can be called in to help citizens in crisis. By working together as a team, more resources are available to address community problems that affect us all

The CAPA program provides a unique ministerial opportunity by allowing its members to be out in front with first responders during times of crisis. Its members will have the opportunity to view and evaluate community issues as seen through the eyes of patrol officers, while at the same time provide important feedback to the officers of the issues as seen through the eyes of their congregations and fellow citizens. CAPA members are encouraged to help build and enhance relationships and communications between their communities and law enforcement and other governmental officials, as well as, being available for crisis interaction.

Benefits and opportunities of this program include: providing calm in crisis situations to prevent an escalation to violence; offering support to victims; assisting in situations where a minister is requested or needed; relaying factual law enforcement information back to your congregations and community neighborhoods related to criminal justice issues; assisting the police in non-traditional roles; and responding in disaster situations.

Prior to becoming a member of CAPA, applicants will complete a 42-hour training course sponsored by local law enforcement officials. This 14-week course will meet for three hours on Tuesday nights of each week. The course is designed to indoctrinate the applicants into the inner-workings of the police department and the Criminal Justice System. Applicants will receive classroom and “hands-on” training in the areas of patrol operations, communications, law, departmental policies and procedures, internal affairs, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, use of force, narcotics, sex crimes, family violence, computer crimes, evidence and crime scene, firearms safety, force on force simulator, mock traffic stops, building clearing, Special Emergency Response Team, Active Shooter Response, arrest procedures and judicial process.

The community response to this program has been phenomenal. Our first academy took place in February 2015 and graduated in May. In our first academy, we had 37 attendees from 29 different churches representing nearly 7,000 people in their combined congregations.

We will offer the Clergy and Police Alliance academy in the spring of even-numbered years. Our next CAPA academy will begin in February 2018. If you are a recognized member of the clergy or a civic leader and would like to become a member of CAPA, please send us an e-mail to to be placed on our list of applicants so you will be notified when we begin taking applications.
If you would like additional information about CAPA, contact Lt. Jerry Smith at (936) 630-0508.