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Lufkin Police Employment

Police Officers

Want to become a Lufkin Police officer?

The Lufkin Police Department is a Civil Service employer. Check back for the next Civil Service Exam sign up date. Civil Service Exam scores are good for one year or until the list is exhausted.

Civil Service Testing Announcement - May 9, 2019

Personal Information Form

Download our recruiting brochure from Dropbox.

Common Employment Disqualifications


  • Must be at least 21 years of age with no upper age limit
  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Have no felony or Class A misdemeanor charges pending or convictions

Applicants who score 70 or better on the Civil Service Exam must meet these minimum fitness standards:

How can I prepare myself for the Civil Service exam and fitness requirements?

We now offer a “Row with your Recruiter” program to help those interested in becoming an officer to assess their fitness levels and how to best meet our requirements.

Once you have signed up for the Civil Service Exam, the City of Lufkin will provide you with a link to a study guide. Dr. Guessippina Bonner is also tutoring those interested in becoming officers on Civil Service exam study material.

Dates for both “Row with your Recruiter” and Dr. Bonner’s study sessions will coincide with the posting of a Civil Service Exam and can be found on this site.

If I’m hired, what comes next?

Qualified applicants will either enter the FTO (Field Training Program) or an accredited police academy. (East Texas Police Academy in Kilgore, TX or Angelina College Police Academy in Lufkin, TX)

For more information email:
Det. John Davis at
Det. Renea Cutler at

On the job FAQs:?

How large is the Lufkin Police Department?

The Lufkin Police Department employs 77 sworn officers, as well as 23 civilian employees.

What is an officer's starting salary?

Click here to review the pay scale.

Do you offer lateral entry?

Lateral entry is offered to licensed peace officers who meet our hiring requirements after being approved by the chief of police. Eligible prior experience allows a new hire to be placed in the appropriate police officer pay step as determined by the chief of police. The chief may pass over non-licensed candidates in favor of licensed peace officers. Click here to review the pay scale.

What equipment would I need to provide to become an LPD Officer?

A strong desire to help the citizens of the City of Lufkin is all that is required of any police recruit. The police department furnishes all equipment, excluding footwear.

How long would I have to work patrol before I could transfer to another section?

After an officer completes one year with the Lufkin Police Department, he or she is eligible to transfer to any of our many support sections. An officer is eligible to take promotional examinations after completing two years in each of the lower ranks.

What are the benefits offered by the City of Lufkin when I become an officer?

Vacation - Accrual of 10 hrs. per month, eligible to be taken after one year.
Sick time - Accrual of 10 hrs. per month.
Uniform - $60 per month for uniform maintenance.
Holidays - Ten paid holidays plus birthday off; Available upon request and approval, depending on manpower of days requested.
Longevity - $8 per month for the number of years employed, i.e. 8 years equals $64 in Longevity Pay per month.
Certificate Pay - $85.46 for each T.C.O.L.E. certificate beyond the basic certificate.
Assignment Pay - Available for accident reconstruction, Special Response Team and field training officer.
Retirement - 20-year TMRS Retirement at 7 percent, matched two-to-one,
Medical Insurance - The City contributes $7,500/year for employee Medical Insurance; The employee pays additional premiums depending on choice of plan. Dependent coverage is also available at an additional premium cost to the employee.
Life Insurance - The employee is provided life insurance coverage of two times the employee’s annual base pay.
Long Term Disability - Provided at no cost to the employee; Employee receives full health insurance paid by the city, optional insurance provided for employee's family members, paid by employee.

What shifts do officers work?

  • “A” shift: 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. every Sunday-Tuesday and every other Saturday
  • “B” shift: 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. every Wednesday-Friday and every other Saturday
  • “C” shift: 6 p.m. - 6 a.m. every Sunday-Tuesday and every other Saturday
  • “D” shift: 6 p.m. - 6 a.m. every Wednesday-Friday and every other Saturday
  • “E” shift: 2 p.m. - 2 a.m. every Sunday-Tuesday and every other Saturday
  • “F” shift: 2 p.m. - 2 a.m. every Wednesday-Friday and every other Saturday

How many officers are on each shift?

As of now a normal shift includes 10 officers on shifts A-D with four officers on each “mid-shift” (E-F), not including officers working off-duty assignments and other support personnel that assist the patrol officers.