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Where is the Police Department located?
The Police Department adjoins the Lufkin City Hall at the corner of Third and Shepherd St.
The physical address is:  300 East Shepherd Avenue, Lufkin, Texas 75901

What are the office hours of the Police Department?  
To conduct normal business needs, such as meeting with the Chief, making deliveries, acquiring record information, meet with a Detective, etc. the hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm each weekday. Police officers patrol the city and respond to calls for assistance 24 hours a day, every day.
The Police Department doors are open at all times in order for the citizen to walk in to report a crime to an officer.
Should I call to make an appointment to speak with the Director of Public Safety or Chief of Police?
While an appointment is not required for meeting with the Chief or Director, calling ahead might save you time. The Chief and Director make themselves available to everyone but their duties do not allow them to remain in their offices at all times. If neither is available at the time of your call or visit, their administrative assistant may be able to answer your question or will schedule a time for you to speak with them.
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Alarm Billing

Are all businesses who have a burglary alarm required to have a permit?
No permit is required, but per City Ordinance #3128 each structure with an alarm shall complete an Alarm Registration Form so we have current contact information on file in case of a false alarm or emergency. More Alarm Information
Are all home owners who have a burglary alarm required to have a permit?
No permit is required, but per City Ordinance #3128 each structure with an alarm shall complete an Alarm Registration Form so we have current contact information on file in case of a false alarm or emergency.
How much does it cost to register my alarm?
There is no cost to register an alarm, business or residential.
Why do I receive a service fee when my alarm activates?
As stated in the City Ordinance #3128, the Chief of Police or his authorized representative is to charge for false calls when a police officer is dispatched to a location, after the fifth false alarm per year.
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Citizens Police Academy

What is a Citizens Police Academy?
The Lufkin Citizen Police Academy is a training program implemented for the citizens of Lufkin who wish to experience and learn the day to day duties and responsibilities of the Police Department.
Does it cost to attend this academy?
No, this is a service provided by the Lufkin Police Department for anyone who lives or works within the city limits of Lufkin.
What will I learn about during the training?
During the course, class members will receive instruction in various topics from officers and others who actually perform those job duties. Subjects include, among others, organization and administration, gangs, school-based programs, community policing, patrol procedures, Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedures, searches and the Fourth Amendment, firearms safety, district attorney's office, and juvenile law. Class members will be required to ride for at least 4 hours with and officer to obtain firsthand knowledge of policing in Lufkin.
What is the Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association?
This organization consists of past members of Citizen's Police Academy classes since its inception 10 years ago. This 100+ member organization has been very proactive in supporting the Lufkin Police Department. They have provided office equipment and a flag pole for the South Base Office, volunteered time and services in community affairs such as parades, fairs, and downtown activities, and are actively involved in the annual police department toy and food drive, just to name a few.
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Community Relations

What does the Community Relations Officer do?
Community Relations is the office that handles any information the Police Department may share with the public. This includes information, public relations, and informational programs. Community Relations does all media press releases on services and programs offered by the Police Department. They also do all news releases by meeting with media representatives on a daily basis. The office coordinates and schedules all public speaking programs for schools, churches, civic clubs, and organizations, etc.
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Investigations Division

How many detectives are there?
There are currently 10 detectives and three supervisors.
What types of cases do the detectives investigate?
Lufkin Police detectives investigate cases ranging from Class "C" Misdemeanors to Capital Murder.
What hours do the detectives work?
The investigators work Monday through Friday. Five of these detectives work ten hour shifts beginning at 8:00am while two of these detectives work 8:00am to 5:00pm.
How do I find out what detective is assigned my case?
Call the detectives secretary at (936)633-0335 between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday and give her the offense number the responding officer gave you at the time the report was made.  
Why does it take so long for a detective to take action on my report?
Due to the heavy case load, detectives prioritize their case assignments in order as bodily injuries vs. property damage, therefore, the bodily injury cases will be investigated first.
After filing my report, should I contact the detective assigned to my case?
No, the detective assigned to your case will contact you at his earliest convenience.
Why does it take so long to arrest someone after a police report has been filed?
Before a warrant can be obtained, statements have to be taken from all involved parties, which include the victim(s), witnesses, and possibly the offender. A probable cause complaint has to be completed and presented to the Judge, who then issues the warrant.
Why do I have to give a detective a statement when I've already told a patrol officer what happened?
Written statements are used in court as evidence.
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Dispatch / 911

The major benefit of 911 to a citizen and public safety agencies is the amount of time saved by the use of a common national phone number. In some cases such as Angelina County, 911 also receives the phone number and address from which  a call is made, saving valuable time that is crucial to successful emergency service. This is called Enhanced 911 (E911).
When should I call 911?
To stop a crime in progress
To report a fire
To save a life
When a person or property is in danger.

You should call 911 anytime you believe there is an actual emergency. If you are unsure, call 911 and the operator will make the determination.

How will my call be handled by the 911 Dispatcher?
When you call 911 to report an emergency, the operator will ask you a series of questions such as:
What is happening and where?
When did this happen?
Who is involved?
Is anyone hurt?
Other information you may need to know includes the exact location or address of the emergency and a clear description of what is happening. When giving locations, include nearby intersections, landmarks, building names, floors, room numbers, etc. as well as directions to the address if possible. 

Does it make a difference if I call from a cell phone (wireless)?
Yes! When you make a call from a wireless/cellular phone, the operator DOES NOT receive the phone number and location from where the call originated. When making a call from a cellular phone keep in mind that you need to know...
Your cellular phone number.
A good description of your surroundings.
Many people do not know their cellular phone number. Make sure that you have the number written down in an easy to find location before you call 911.

What should I teach my child about 911?
While many children are familiar with dialing 911 in an emergency situation, they often do not know other important information, such as their address or how to reach a parent at work. Here is some of the most important information children need to know about calling 911.
Teach your child their parents full name, their phone number, and home address.
Teach your child the name of your employer and phone number.
Teach you child what an emergency is and when to call 911.
Teach you child how to hold the phone and to speak loudly and clearly to the operator.
Teach your child not to be afraid to call 911. It is for everybody
Teach your child it is against the law to call 911 as a joke or a prank.
The Lufkin Police Department has material and personnel available for any public education engagement for schools, civic organizations, clubs, business, etc.

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What hours do the officers work?
The officers work 12 hour shifts. "A" shift works from 6:00am to 6:00pm every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and every other Saturday. "C" shift works 6:00pm to 6:00 am the same days as "A" shift. "B" shift works from 6:00 am to 6:00pm every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and every other Saturday. "D" shift works 6:00pm to 6:00am the same days as "B" shift.
How many officers are on each shift?
As of now a normal shift includes 10 officers, not including officers working off duty assignments and other support personnel that assist the patrol officers.
What do Patrol Officers do?
Patrol Officers are responsible for answering calls in their section of town and assisting other officers with calls for service all over town. Between calls officers enforce State Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Alcoholic Beverage Law, Health and Safety Law, and City Ordinances.
Why do I see patrol cars driving over the speed limit without their lights and siren activated?
When responding to certain types of calls, the officer has to consider the department's policy manual and tactical training when deciding to use the emergency equipment. For example, when responding to an burglar alarm the officers want to get there as quickly and safely as possible but do not want to give their location away to the suspect by using emergency equipment, i.e.; lights and siren.
Do the officer have to purchase their own equipment and uniforms?
No, the officers are issued uniforms and equipment.
What firearms are the officers issued?
Officers are issued a Glock 22 .40 caliber pistol and Smith and Wesson M&P AR-15 Rifle. Patrol vehicles are equipped with a Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun.
What kind of car does the officer drive?      
At present, Patrol officers drive Chevrolet Tahoes. With heavy duty suspension and cooling systems, these police packaged vehicles are designed to endure police patrol work.
Can a civilian ride with one of the officers to see what he does during his shift?
There are two ways the civilian can participate in ride-along. The best way is to attend the Citizens Police Academy where one will learn about the department and be assigned to ride with an officer during his regular shift. Another option is to contact the Police Chief's office and request a ride-along. The Chief's administrative assistant can provide information on the requirements and limitations of the ride-along program.
What do I do if I see an officer behind me with his lights and siren on?
First thing, don't panic. Pull to the right lane or shoulder of the road and let him pass. If he is attempting to stop you, he will stay behind you and follow you to the shoulder of the road.  
What do I do if I am stopped by an officer?
When you see an officer behind you activate his overhead lights, look for a safe place to pull your car to the right hand shoulder of the road. As the officer walks towards your car, just relax and keep your hands in plain sight. The officer will provide you with further instructions or requests when he makes contact with you at your window.
Why do officers use numbers and signal codes when talking on the police radio?
The officer uses numbers and codes to simplify what they are trying to tell the Communications Operator. There are numbers to identify who is talking and numbers to relay information in a concise and clear manner.  
When I listen to my scanner I sometimes hear nothing but garble noises, what are those?
When giving out sensitive information, the Communications Operator will activate a radio transmission scrambling device that allows only the officers access to the information being transmitted over the radio system.
Does the officer have to read me my rights if I am arrested? 
No, the officer is not required to read your rights unless he is asking you to give an official statement about an offense in which you are a suspect.

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Recruiting and Employment

How large is the Lufkin Police Department
The Lufkin Police Department employs 77 sworn officers and 34 civilian employees.

What are the age requirements?
Candidates must be at least 21 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

What is the officer's starting salary?
Click Here to review pay scale.

Do you offer lateral entry?
Lateral entry is offered to licensed peace officers who meet our hiring requirements at $47,230.15. Eligible prior experience allows a new hire to be placed in the appropriate police officer pay step as determined by the chief of police. Chief may pass over non-licensed candidates in favor of licensed peace officers. Click Here to review pay scale.

What equipment would I need to provide to become an L.P.D. Officer?
A strong desire to help the citizens of the City of Lufkin is all that is required of any police recruit. The police department furnishes all equipment, excluding footwear.

How long would I have to work patrol before I could transfer to another section?
After an officer completes one year with the Lufkin Police Department, he or she is eligible to transfer to any of our many support sections. An officer is eligible to take promotional examinations after completing two years in each of the lower ranks.

What are the benefits offered by the City of Lufkin when I become an officer?
Some of the benefits offered by the city are:
Vacation- Accrual of 10 hrs. per month, eligible to be taken after one year.
Sick time- Accrual of 10 hrs. per month.
Uniform- $60 per month for uniform maintenance.
Holidays- Ten paid holidays plus birthday off. Available upon request and approval, depending on manpower of days requested.
  Longevity- $8 per month for the number of years employed, i.e. 8 years equals $64 in Longevity Pay per month.
Certificate Pay- $85.46 for each T.C.O.L.E. certificate beyond the basic certificate.
Assignment Pay- Assignment pay available for accident reconstruction, Special Response Team and field training officer.
Retirement- Twenty-year TMRS Retirement at seven-percent, matched two to one.
Medical Insurance- The City contributes $7,500/year for employee Medical Insurance. The employee pays additional premiums depending on choice of plan. Dependent coverage is also available at an additional premium cost to the employee.
Life Insurance- The employee is provided Life insurance coverage of 2 times the employee’s annual base pay.
Long Term Disability- Provided at no cost to the employee. Employee receives full health insurance paid by the city, optional insurance provided for employee's family members, paid by employee.
We also offer assignment pay for Accident Reconstruction, Special Response Team, Field Training Officer, TCOLE Trainer, and Detective/Investigator.

How do I become a Lufkin Police Officer? 
Contact the City of Lufkin Human Resources Department at (936) 633-0228 (936) 633-0228 for information on civil service testing announcements, or contact Det. John Davis at 633-0316 for further information regarding employment as a Lufkin Police Officer.

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Records and Reports


What is the primary responsibility of the Records Division?
To maintain the case management record system of the department as well as provide services to the police personnel and the public.

What are the regular office hours of the Records Division?
The Records Division is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except holidays.

What kind of reports are available to the public? 
Vehicle accident reports and Offense Reports are readily available, and can be released as regulated by the Texas Public Information Act. This could mean that if the case is currently under investigation, only part of the report may be released at the time.

Active compute scans for a particular location or street are also available as a public service, and are handled on a case-by-case request.
How do I go about getting a copy of a report?  
Generally, reports are available the following day of the incident, and should be asked for by either the case number issued at the scene of the incident, or by a party's name involved in the incident.
Am I required to buy a copy of the vehicle accident report when involved in a motor vehicle accident?
No, if you desire to obtain a report copy for your personal file, that is your choice. Usually the insurance company will need a copy of the report, but whether they get it or you get it for them, is between you and the insurance agent.

Is there a cost for the reports?
Currently accident reports are six dollars ($6) and offense reports are two dollars ($2).

One law enforcement agency explained that I could expect the documents in the mail in approximately two weeks. How long will it take from the Lufkin Police Department?
Our mission statement is "To provide Effective Police Service for the City of Lufkin". We feel that one way of making compliance to this goal is to provide public access to the records as soon as possible.

In most cases of record requests, the report will be made available at the time of request, usually 3-5 minutes.
In cases where more processing, research, or manual retrieving is involved, the packet can be mailed, if more convenient to the requestor. Usually a request can be completed in 2-4 days.

Vehicle accident reports are collected for, submitted to, and regulated by, the Texas Department of Public Safety, headquarters in Austin Texas.  A vehicle accident report, known as a ST-3, is kept on file locally at the Lufkin Police Department for 3 full years, a copy can be obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety, where the reports are kept on file for 10 years. 

Where can I get my fingerprints taken?
The police department will fingerprint for persons who needs fingerprints for employment or background investigation, except for immigration at the cost of ten dollars per person ($10). The individual in need of fingerprints should report to the Records Division between the hours of 1:00pm to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday with a valid picture ID and your social security card.

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Traffic Tickets and Fines

Where can I find out where to pay traffic ticket that I received from a Lufkin Police Officer?
Although you may have received a traffic citation from a police officer, all fines, tickets, and court costs are to be paid at the Lufkin Municipal Court.
Paul L. Parker Municipal Court is Located across 3rd St. from City Hall, 222 E. Shepherd, Lufkin TX

One may wish to visit the Schedule of Fines page.


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