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Online Reporting Frequently Asked Questions



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Question: What do I do if the Citizens Online Reporting Program is not right for me?

Answer: If your incident is an emergency, call 911. If non-emergency call 936-633-0356.


Question: What kind of Animal Complaints can be reported online?

Answer: Concerns involving abuse, neglect or aggressive animals. Also complaints of ongoing problem with barking dog(s).

 Any incidents that involve injuries to a person need to be reported immediately by calling 936-633-0356.


Question: What is considered to be Harassing Phone Calls?

Answer: Unwanted phone calls of an annoying, harassing or threatening nature.  Examples would be repeated or Immediate

hang-ups, obscene language, etc. with no known suspects.


Question: What is a Hit and Run accident?

Answer: Striking an unoccupied parked vehicle or fixture and leaving the scene without providing required license,

insurance or vehicle information.  Hit and Run accidents involving an occupied vehicle should be reported to the police

department immediately.


Question: What Thefts are reportable online?

Answer: A theft report may be filed online when the property known to be stolen is less than $1,500.00 in value and you do not

have any recorded serial numbers or identification numbers for the stolen article(s).  A police officer will always be needed to take

the report when the item stolen is a license plate, a vehicle, or a firearm.


Question: What is a vehicle burglary?

Answer: A vehicle burglary is when property, such as equipment or personal belongings, are stolen from inside a car or truck.


Question: What is Criminal Mischief and Vandalism?

Answer: Vandalism is the act of changing, modifying or defacing or otherwise damaging public or private property.  Common

examples would include graffiti, knocking over a mail box, throwing rocks through windows, cutting tires and keying a vehicle.


Question: What if the incident I need to report is not one of the listed incidents?

Answer: If the incident you need to report is not listed, then a police officer will need to take your report.  Call 936-633-0356.


Question: If this happened in another city, can I still file a report using the Citizens Online Reporting?

Answer: No, if a crime took place outside the City of Lufkin, you will need to call the police or sheriff’s department for that area.


Question: What is a known suspect?

Answer: A known suspect is when you or someone else knows the person or where to find the person who committed the crime

or the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect(s) were in.


Question: What would be considered evidence requiring a police officer to respond to take the report?

Answer: Anything that might lead to the identification of a suspect, such as finger prints or video surveillance.


Question: What if I just witnessed the incident or I want to report it for someone else?

Answer: You must be either the actual victim (or person suffering loss), or if the victim is your employer's business, a person

authorized to make the report for your employer.  If your only involvement is just a witness to the crime or incident, or you want to

make a report on someone else behalf, then a police officer will need to take the report.


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