Public Utilities



  Permit Review
  Floodplain Management
  Drainage Studies
  Drainage Criteria Manual
  On Line Mapping
  Water and Sewer Taps
  Tap Fees
  Plat Review
  Subdivision Plats
  GPS Monumentation
  Technical Standards
  Utility Extension Policy
  Public Works Downloads
  Water Quality Report


  Maps online
  Data Download
  Quick Maps
  Aerial Pictures
  Vector Images
  What is GIS?
  Lufkin GIS Resources
  GIS Links

Water Distribution

  Report a Water Leak
  Water Distribution FAQs
  Water Quality Report
  Water Quality Complaint Form

Sewer Collection

  Sewer Stoppage Memo
  INI Studies
  Sewer Collection FAQs
  Report a Sewer Overflow
  Pipe Bursting

Wastewater Treatment

  Plant Description

Water Production

  Plant Description
  Water Production FAQs
  Water Quality Report
  Drought Contingency Plan
  Water Quality Complaint Form



Welcome to the Public Utilities Division of the City of Lufkin.  Public works is comprised of several departments including the Engineering, Sewer Collection, Water Production, Wastewater Treatment, and Water Distribution Departments.  The Public Utilities Division Director is Chuck Walker who is also the City Engineer.  The Division is under the Deputy City Manager, Keith Wright, P.E. In addition to the above departments, the City's GIS capability resides within Public Utilities.


Several on-line services are available from the family of Public Utilities departments.  You can monitor real-time rainfall from three networked monitoring stations, there are numerous data backed, layered GIS maps including the locations of sex offenders, and we have on-line forms for reporting water leaks and poor water quality.