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The following fees are payable to the City of Lufkin Inspection Services Department when a new or additional tap is needed.  All fees must be verified through the Engineering Department at City Hall before payment is made to the Inspection Services Department. 

Water Taps
                 Inside City Limits

Outside City Limits & Burke

SIZE Made by City w/Road Bore Laid in Place Made by City w/Road Bore Laid in Place
3/4" 318.00 495.00 278.00 477.00 742.50 278.00
1" 481.00 788.00 441.00 721.50 1182.00 441.00


1850.00 1850.00 1810.00 2775.00 2775.00 1810.00
larger For any taps larger than 2" contact the Engineering Dept. for pricing.


Sewer Taps
  Inside City Limits

Outside City Limits

SIZE Made by City w/Road Bore Laid in Place

Not Available

4" 348.00 796.00 10.00
*6" 1606.00 1804.00  

*6" sewer must tie into manhole, if no existing manhole-cost will depend upon depth.



  • LAID IN PLACE TAPS = The property owner has located the City water/sewer lines and dug them up for the City to come by, make the tap and place a meter.

  • Sewer available inside Lufkin City Limits Only.

  • Water deposits are to be made at the Utility Collections Office prior to tap placement for hook-up of utilities.

  • To move meter, 1/2 of tap fee will be charged.

  • The City requires a lead time of ten (10) working days from the time of payment is made for the new tap to be placed.

  • If there is an existing water line serving the property and an additional tap is requested, the tap will be made as soon after the ten (10) working days, or before, if possible.  But those without water will be served first.

  • If there is NOT an existing City water line on or adjacent to the property, and a water line will have to be extended to serve the property, the distance of the extension will determine WHEN the tap can be made.

  • If the property owner has paid for a "laid in place" tap but cannot find the tap, then the City will locate the line for them for an additional fee.  After the balance is paid they will be back onto the schedule list in the order of taps received.