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Street Department - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is responsible for installing and maintaining driveway culverts?

The Street Department installs new and replacement culverts for residential and commercial driveways. Prior to installation, the property owner needs to obtain a permit from Inspection Services. The permit will have the culvert size (diameter) to insure proper drainage, for the area. The property owner is responsible for the purchase of the culvert and materials, such as road base and dirt used for covering. Materials that are removed with existing culvert can be used for cover on new culvert. If additional materials are required for coverage they will be used if owner has them on site a time of installation. No asphalt or concrete materials will placed by crew over culvert. This service is provided at no extra cost to the citizens.

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When is the street sweeper and mowing tractor going to be in the area?

The department maintains 692 streets, which are divided into six wards. The sweeping and mowing is scheduled and completed by the six divisions. It takes approximately 6-9 weeks to complete one cycle.

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Who maintains my driveway?

It is the property owner's responsibility for all driveway repairs.

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