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Street Department
Phone Number: 936-633-0235
Emergency Number: 936-633-0356

   The Street Departmentís mission is to provide quality streets, drainage, traffic control devices, and excellent customer service.


   The Street Department is responsible for maintenance and repair of 208.9 miles of streets within the City of Lufkin. This includes street overlays, patching potholes and utility cuts, crack sealing, and base repair.

   The department is also responsible for constructing and maintaining drainage systems consisting of detention ponds, open ditches, creeks, channels, storm drains, drainage culverts, inlets, curbs, and gutters. We also sweep streets, mow right-of-ways and maintain traffic control devices including signs, signal lights, school flashers, and pavement markings.

   In addition to the street maintenance function, the Department is also an integral part of the City's new street construction program. Utilizing a full depth asphalt approach, the Street Department is presently doing all new construction asphalt work with base preparation and curbing contracted out. Using the Street Department for new construction has proven to be cost effective, producing significant savings over previous methods.

2014 City Road Construction Projects