Rainfall History


Hurricane Creek

South Loop



Cedar Creek-West Loop




Cedar Creek-Hill Street




Hurricane Creek

Denman Ave





*Note: 24 Hour Data totals will be blank if no rainfall

 has occurred.



Hourly & 31-day rainfall

 data updated every

 10 minutes.

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Lufkin Rain Monitor System

This service provides real-time rain and creek level information at three locations around the City.  Use the menus on the left hand side to select what type of information you would like to view.  Each monitor station has creek level and rain level information for the past 31 days along with available archived information.  Below in the box are the totals for any rain that has fallen in the last 24 hours.



We currently have 4 Rain Monitoring Stations set up around the City.  Station 100 is located on Hurricane Creek on Lufkin's South Loop 287.  Station 200 is located on Cedar Creek on Lufkin's West Loop 287 between Pershing & Copeland.  Station 300 is located on Hill St near W Frank Ave.  The newest stream monitoring station is located along Denman Ave near the Lufkin Middle School, Station 400.  If you experience problems with this service please contact Jason Collins.