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Water Production

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Lufkin water smell?

This is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas in our ground water.

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Why can't you get soapsuds off?

You don't have to use very little soap because our water is so soft; it is the third softest in the state.

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What is Lufkin's water source?

Our source of water is ground water. At the present time we have 9 deep-water wells.

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How many bacteriology samples are you required by TNRCC and how often are you required to collect the samples?

The City takes 49 samples throughout the distribution system, and we spread this out over 3 week periods each month.

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Will asbestos in the water hurt someone when they drink it?

According to all the test results on this, drinking water that contains asbestos will not harm you.

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How many gallons of water do you have in elevated storage?

We have 4 elevated storage tanks with a total capacity of 4 million gallons.

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Do you use water out of Ellen Trout Lake?

No, we use ground water, deep wells. We started using ground water in 1939.

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