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It is a priority for the City of Lufkin to provide the best quality of drinking water possible for its citizens. The source of the water for the City's drinking water system is 100% ground water from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer. The City has 11 deep wells (some over 1500 feet deep) located in northern Angelina County. The water is delivered to the Water Production Plant where it is aerated and dosed with chlorine and fluoride. The storage capacity is 10 million gallons consisting of 5 ground storage tanks and 4 elevated storage tanks. The water system's production capacity is now over 17 million gallons per day with the peak pumping occurring during the summer at 13 to 14 million gallons per day.

There are several large generators installed at the Plant and in the well field to ensure the delivery of potable water in case of a power outage. Future plans are for the City to draw water from Sam Rayburn Reservoir to help augment the growth and expansion of the City’s population and development. Eventually, the City will be able to pump up to 25 million gallons per day from the reservoir, establishing a stable water supply for the citizens. The City currently takes 49 bacteriological water samples over a 3 week period each month throughout the water system to ensure the quality of water provided to citizens.

  • The Water Quality Report provides the annual notification of the chemical constituents and their concentrations found in the City of Lufkin's drinking water.

  • The Water Quality Complaint allows Lufkin citizens the opportunity to express their concerns about the quality of the drinking water.

  • In the event of a drought, please read the Drought Contingency Plan concerning regulations and restrictions applying to the delivery and consumption of water.

  • To contact City personnel concerning the drinking water system, please call (936) 633-0288.

Stop  Call 633-0356 before you call a plumber


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