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FOETZ LogoThe Ellen Trout Zoo receives support in many ways.  Below are some of the ways that you can help your Zoo.  Be sure and check out the FOETZ Brochure and the FOETZ Membership Information fact sheet!




How can you support the Ellen Trout Zoo?

    Join Friends of the Ellen Trout Zoo!

As a member, you will receive
  • Free admission to the Zoo
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • Invitation to Special Members' Party
  • Invitation to other special events 
  • Discounts in gift shop
  • Membership card for free admission or discounts to over a hundred other ZOOS (click to view list of participating zoos across the country)
I want to help our Zoo:
Individual $25.00
Family $40.00 (children at home under 18 Years)
Grandparents $40.00 (grandchildren under 18 Years)
Tiger (Patron) $100.00 (plus additional benefits)
Giraffe (Benefactor) $200.00 (plus additional benefits)
Corporate $250.00 (plus additional benefits)
Hippopotamus $500.00 (plus additional benefits)
White Rhino $2000.00 (plus additional benefits)

Matching Fund Gift Programs Welcomed


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    Walk on the Wild Side! .   .    .

Become a Part of the Ellen Trout Zoo

Here is your opportunity to acknowledge and support the Ellen Trout Zoo by adding your name to its future.  By purchasing a personalized BRICK, your name or the name of a friend, or a memorial to a loved one will become permanent recognition for your support of the Ellen Trout Zoo for many years to come. 

For only $40.00, your 4"x8" brick will be inscribed and become part of the walkways of Ellen Trout Zoo.  Three lines of script can be inscribed in each red clay brick. 


FOETZ brick brochure in Adobe Portable Format (PDF)

You need the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view and print this file.  To download Acrobat Reader free, click here.

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    Hippo Habitat Fund (HHF)

The new exhibit for hippopotamuses is an important feature of the zoo and provides the only opportunity to see, appreciate and learn about these wonderful aquatic animals in our region.  The new hippo exhibit features underwater viewing of these large aquatic mammals.  State Hippo Habitat Fund of the art filtration ensures a healthy environment for the hippos.  In the future, co-habitating with the hippos may be fish, crocodilians or waterfowl, creating a more dynamic exhibit for the zoo visitor and a more naturalistic representation of the habitat.  By contributing to the HHF, you can help support this part of the master plan.

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Animals Depend On People Too  (A.D.O.P.T.)


Enjoy the joys of “parenthood” without the mess by sponsoring your favorite animal for one year.  The Ellen Trout Zoo staff provide all of our animals with nutritious food and veterinary care, but sometimes they need new homes or improvement to their current ones.  Your sponsorship helps supplement the zoo’s budget to provide for these types of needs.  Your name and the animal you have chosen to “adopt” will appear on the big board near the front entrance of the Zoo.  First-time “zoo parents” will also receive a photo of your adopted animal.





A.D.O.P.T. brochure in Adobe Portable Format (PDF)

You need the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view and print this file.  To download Acrobat Reader free, click here.

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FOETZ Logo Winking

For more information on Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo and the above programs, call 936-633-0399 or stop by the zoo at 402 Zoo Circle, Lufkin, TX 75904.