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Zoo Location

The Zoo is located at 402 Zoo Circle, Lufkin, Texas 75904. On the north Loop 287, exit north on Martin Luther King and turn left immediately onto Zoo Circle. Parking is available along the street or the parking lots in Ellen Trout Park. Buses are requested to park in the Expo Center parking lot.  Call 936-633-0399 for more information.  Click here for a map.


2015 Zoo Attendance Highest in 12 years

February 8, 2016 - Attendance at the Ellen Trout Zoo reached 131,610 in 2015. That’s the highest it’s been in twelve years and the second highest since the zoo began charging an admission. Normally, attendance figures average 120,000-121,000 per year. In 2014 attendance was 121,404 so in 2015 the zoo saw an increase of 10,206 guests, or an increase of nearly eight and a half percent.

Balam, the young male jaguar at the Ellen Trout Zoo has suffered a severe injury to his right foreleg

January 6, 2016 - On Sunday the 29th of November Balam was getting ready for his weekend appearance at 9:00am. He was first checked at 8:00am during morning rounds and was fine. Then at 8:30am he was checked again and found to have his right forelimb nearly severed. It appears that, in spite of physical barriers in place, he managed to reach that limb in with his mother. His humerus was fractured and all the muscle mass was cut. His limb remained attached only by some skin and his brachial artery (which was not cut). He was immediately removed to the zoo’s clinic for emergency treatment. Zoo veterinarian Dr. Mike Nance worked tirelessly through the day in an attempt to re-attach the limb. Dr. Nance worked to assure that enough nerves, blood vessels, muscle mass and skin appeared viable. By late afternoon surgery was complete. Everyone hoped for a successful operation. The limb became warm and color returned to the skin. Balam had around the clock care from zoo staffers. Everything still seemed to be improving on Monday. Balam was given pain killers and antibiotics and was hand fed by his caregivers. Then things turned worse on Tuesday, when the limb lost warmness and began to be discolored. By afternoon it was determined that in order to save his life, the limb would have to be amputated. Dr. Nance consulted with Dr. Lindsay Syler, of Angelina Animal Hospital, regarding the surgery. Balam was taken to Angelina Animal Hospital where the surgery was performed. Because Dr. Syler could provide 24 hour care at her hospital, it was decided that Balam would remain at the Angelina Animal Hospital through the initial recovery process. During his recovery, Balam has been active, his appetite is good, he is gaining weight and doing very well. He returned to the zoo on Tuesday 5 January 2016 where his recovery will continue until it’s completion.

Ellen Trout Zoo receives The AZA Accreditation Quarter Century Award.

December 10, 2015 - The AZA award is given to recognize the Ellen Trout Zoo’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in animal care, welfare, management, veterinary care, conservation, education, staffing, facilities, safety, guest services, and more. The Ellen Trout Zoo’s dedication to best modern zoological practices and philosophies is a hallmark of AZA accreditation..