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The City of Lufkin will begin using Everbridge Aware™ for Citizen Alerts, an emergency notification system provided by Everbridge, the leading emergency notification system provider, to communicate with thousands of businesses and residents in minutes in an emergency.


The City will be able to alert residents about severe weather, fires, floods, toxic environmental issues and other emergencies using Everbridge Aware for Citizen Alerts. Messages can be sent to residents on any communication path desired – cell phone, email, text messaging, fax, pager, PDA and more – ensuring that residents and City staff receive life-saving emergency information and important public service announcements in minutes. In addition, the City is planning to use the Everbridge system to notify residents about other important, but non-emergency activities and events.


Citizens listed in the City’s 9-1-1 database will be automatically subscribed to emergency alerts via their home phone, although any citizen may self-register, provide additional contact information for other devices, modify the priority of means of contact, select additional locations to receive alerts for, or sign up for non-emergency notifications on additional devices at


"We have a commitment to our citizens to protect them from any danger that threatens our community. The ability to reach all residents quickly during an emergency to warn them and provide guidance is critical to upholding that commitment, which is why we are rolling out Everbridge Aware for Citizen Alerts,” said Keith Wright, Emergency Management Coordinator. “The Everbridge emergency notification system ensures the City will be able to react accurately and efficiently in a natural disaster or other crisis.”


Paul Parker, Lufkin City Manager, commented, “A robust emergency notification system is an essential tool for cities that need to notify residents and businesses rapidly and efficiently during an emergency. The City of Lufkin has chosen Everbridge Aware as a critical component of its emergency response plan. The City also encourages citizens to sign up for the system at so that they can receive notifications for trash pickup schedule changes, water outages, road closures, etc.”


To view an instructional video demonstrating how to signing up

for Everbridge Aware™ alerts in English click here.


Para ver un video demostrando cómo registrase para las alertas de Everbridge en español oprima aqui.




We have a new video on the tornado clean up and community support.  An updated video of the tornado damage is also available as is a YouTube version in high definition.  Now that the roads are clear, the City is removing debris from the curb.  Citizens are asked to cut downed trees into manageable size logs and place them on the curb.  The City crews can not go up into the yard to get debris.   If you need assistance please call 633-0211. Calls will be logged and forwarded to the appropriate department or entity.


The State DEM completed an assessment of the damage and submitted a request to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for public assistance. The SBA is has now opened an office in City Hall, Room 202, and it will remain open through the January 21st. Loans with an interest rate of either 2.75% or 5.5% will be available to private homeowners, and loans with rates between 4% and 6% to businesses. Terms will vary depending on income.  We have detailed fact sheets for SBA assistance in English and Spanish.


Check back frequently for more information on the clean up and available assistance.  We are running the latest video on Channel 15.  You can click here for a schedule.


Welcome to the Emergency Management Department.  The Director of Emergency Management is responsible for all aspects of the City of Lufkin's response to emergency situations.  Examples include hurricane evacuations, storm damage, chemical spills and other situations that require immediate response of personnel and equipment.


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Read about Lufkin's role is supporting evacuees from Hurricane Rita.  The article "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" was published in Texas Municipal Leagues' magazine Texas Town and City and was written by Lynn Winthrop.  Lynn is the Recycling Coordinator for the City of Lufkin and worked as a reporter for the Lufkin Daily News before joining the City staff.  The article is available in PDF.  Lynn also wrote the script for the Hurricane Rita Video which is also available.


Additionally, we have a detailed After Action Review of the City of Lufkin’s Emergency Operations activities in response to Hurricane Rita and it is available in PDF. The review documents response activities, identifies problems and successes, and provides recommendations to improve the City's response to emergency situations.  A plan of action will follow in order to implement recommendations.

Our video of the City of Lufkin's Hurricane Rita support is available in streaming form.  The video is approximately 30 minutes long and features footage of the shelters, evacuee traffic, hurricane damage and the City staff providing support.  It also contains interviews with State Senator Todd Staples, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, and Governor Rick Perry.  The script was written by Lynn Winthrop and the narration was done by Al Ross of KSWP.  The video was produced and edited by Bill Cameron Consulting and we are grateful to KTRE for providing additional video for the project.