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This form is for submitting code violations to the Inspections Services and Code Enforcement Department for corrective action.


COMPLAINT INFORMATION:  In some situations, additional information is required in order to further the prosecution of a case.  For that reason, a name, address, and telephone number is requested of the complaining party.  All personal information given with a report may be available as public record. Anonymous reports are accepted.


If you have any questions about this form or any problems please email the Webmaster

Daytime Phone
Email Address

DESCRIBE THE EXACT LOCATION OF THE PROBLEM, including street type (Avenue, Lane, Drive, Boulevard, Court, etc.)

Reporting the correct and complete address is very important.  

If a vacant lot, provide the block number or the direction from a known address.  As an example:
"Vacant lot on the west side of 715 Texas Street" or
"Vacant lot on southeast corner of Texas Street and Macon Street"
NOT: "on the corner of Texas and Macon"


As an example: 
"burned building,"
or "junked car in the front yard," or "old furniture stored on the porch," or "overgrown vacant lot." 
NOT: "Looks bad," or "needs to be condemned."

Address of violation
Exact description of the problem
Date(s) the violation was observed
Time of day violation was observed


If you have any other comments please use the space provided below:

Please type the letters and numbers you see in the below graphic into the space

provided and then click on the submit button.  This is to prevent form spam.  Thanks