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The City of Lufkin Ward Redistricting


The 2010 Census results indicate that the City of Lufkin will be required to re-draw its Council Ward boundaries. The City has elected to administer the redistricting process with City Staff.


To further promote community involvement in the process, a Citizens Redistricting Review Committee has been established to assist in the preparation of the Redistricting Plan. The Committee has chosen two options(Option 1 Map, Option 2 Map) for the City of Lufkin Redistricting Plan. Maps of the proposed options will be available for public review and comment in the Lufkin City Hall Atrium at 300 East Shepherd Avenue and Kurth Memorial Library located at 706 South Raguet Street. Citizens may submit comments online. Citizens may also pick up printed copies of these maps and submit written comments to the City Managerís office in Room 145 of City Hall as well. Questions regarding the Ward Redistricting process may be directed to the City Managerís Office at 633-0211.



The City of Lufkin received approval of its 2011 redistricting plan from the Department of Justice on October 18, 2011.