Four Lufkin firefighters have been deployed to Louisiana to provide additional manpower to Hurricane Ida-ravaged areas.

Asst. Fire Chief Ryan Watson, Lt. Justin Murray and Firefighters Joe Clark and Bret Due left for Louisiana on Engine 3 Monday after being activated by the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System. The men comprise one of six Texas engine strike teams sent to the state.
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Earlier this week they underwent training and assisted with supply distribution in Baton Rouge. Yesterday they were sent to Jean Lafitte, which is south of New Orleans, to relieve volunteer firefighters at multiple fire grounds in the area.

“The area we’ve been sent to was just to the right of the storm’s eyewall and there is significant wind and flood damage,” Watson said. “We are here to support the local volunteer fire department in their mission to protect lives and property as well as humanitarian work in cleaning up some of the local government facilities.”
The crew will return to Lufkin at the end of next week.

We ask everyone to send thoughts and prayers of safety for this group and everyone in Louisiana as the cleanup effort continues.
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