Certified Backflow Testers Registration

Please fill out the Backflow Tester Registration Form and return it to this office as soon as possible. Along with this form you will need to furnish the most recent copy of your annual gauge calibration certification and serial numbers of all the gauges that you use specifically for the testing of backflow prevention assemblies.

The City of Lufkin will also require that you furnish a current copy of your Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester license and driver’s license. It is also the responsibility of the licensee to furnish a copy of the license renewal when it is renewed thru the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Please download BACKFLOW_T & M_FORM_11-22-2016. This form is required for use on all Backflow assemblies tested on the City of Lufkin’s PWS. You may duplicate this form as often as you may need. All reports need to be in this office within ten (10) days of testing.